Atlanta, Georgia, USA
BandHip Hop8-Bit

Recreating the feeling of great music with high tunes. theHASHclub's sound is one of power and innovation.


sirHASH, an independent rapper from Brooklyn, Ny is changing the way artists are represented and gain leverage. Surpassing statistics of young black males failing in the Canarsie area of Brooklyn, sirHASH watched his mother gain her masters in Nursing and his father become a well known hustler throughout NY. Having this upbringing and navigating through gang infested neighborhoods, he was able to gain valuable knowledge while birthing his boss mentality. Moving to the Southwest Atlanta area, HASH gained a respect and love for southern culture and bridges the gap between Canarsie and College Park.

Labeling himself a “wordsmith”, sirHASH has displayed his lyrical skills on many outlets like The Coast to Coast showcase after his first musical release in 2009. Learning that without knowledge and leverage, sirHASH decided to create a platform for his fellow artists to express themselves without impunity. Through theHASHclub, sirHASH has released over 8 collaborative projects with local artists within Atlanta. He has also lended his artistic skills to curating events such as ATLUnplugged, to give artists opportunities to perform and craft their stage presence.

SirHASH has found his passion for creating and giving others the platforms to be comfortable with their artistry through THC.

Set List

Anybody who wants to listen