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Two of the hottest up and coming west coast rap artists team up to change the way you see the mainstream rap scene.


Los Angeles no doubt is the home of gangsta rap with some of the greatest rappers and producers to ever bless the mic (Dr. Dre, Snoop, NWA, D.O.C., etc.). But with all the hype surrounding the 213’s and 310’s what about the 818’s in Los Angeles? Hash ‘N Brain is the group that will fill the void and finally have the hip hop community realize that there’s more to L.A. than what meets the eye. Taking a step back from the violence and gangsta lifestyle that surrounds the community, Hash ‘N Brain brings that feel good music that will be bumping in the clubs or in your ride. With their smooth west coast lyrics and laid back east coast vibe both coasts are quick to give props to these emerging MC’s.

Coming together Hash and BrainStorm formed the group Hash ‘N Brain in 2003. BrainStorm came into the group with the wisdom of being in the rap game for 7 years since the age of 15 and also coming out of a previous group after outshining them. Hash a youngin’ to the game with only 3 years experience had that spark that BrainStorm had been looking for. Full of energy and always the entrepreneur Hash quickly peaked the interest of BrainStorm and the two of them have been hitting the industry hard. Their shows are some of the most memorable ever; due to the chemistry between them being perfectly in sink and the amount of energy and emotion given in every song at every show.


Model Chick

Written By: Hash N' Brain

1st Verse: Hash

I don't spit average game
That wat's your name game
When I step up to the plate
I'm calm, collected, cool and protected
Never disrespected, always get them naked
Never have to fake that
'04 Ranges, thousand doller chains
Ho's different races
Don't remember names but I remember faces
Hold up ma, turn around back it up
Bring it back to the front martini glass shake it up (HAHAHAH)
We gone smoke a lil' weed
Add a dash of hash plus pour a glass of hennessey
Rock to the melody SHORTY/
Grind against the wall
Move it all around then drop let it fall
Tilt ya head back bring it up slow
Suckin on a lollipop do it like a pro
Imagination runnin wild fuck it let's go

Chorus: Hash (2x)

I wanna model chick that wanna skinny dip
Knows how to lick her lips and swing her hips
I wanna smoke hash and slap that ass
Pull off bra's and menajetois

2nd Verse: Brain

Now take 1, take 2, take 3, a matter of fact baby girl just take me
We cruise’n, in this world full of fusion
You bruise’n up my mind full of confusion
Hold up wait a minute relax, I’ll do you really slow steadily move’n it fast
Genuine playa, with yes, plenty of cash
One time with Brain, definitely coming back
Better watch yourself, before you get smacked up
Oooooh dropped off the shelf
Player for life, it’s on my belt
And when my eyes touch you, your heart will melt
So move it slowly, move it for me
Shake it to the left, now shake it on me
You got the goods, and you got the style
But baby girl I got the chips that’ll make you smile

Chorus: (2x)

3rd verse: Hash

Sexy chicanita piel mira rica
Oooh caliente, encuentreme enfrente
Mami' wat u wanna do
It's you and me and bring your friend too
Touch me tease me get real freaky
I'm that type of mellow fellow
Get you in canary yellow g-string stilletos
Asses jiggle like jello
Up down side to side
Let me all inside C'mon girl take a ride

3rd verse: Brain (Hindi) (2x)

Mere ungle ke upar nachoynga, taar poynga
Kohti paar kabi nahi ayunga, ruloynga
Ek din sunoynga, baas teri chunri ke peechay sunoynga

Chorus: (2x)


Og Dogg Productions Presents: The Raw Talent Mixtape Vol. 1 (over 1,400 copies sold)

Lock’d Down Records Presents: Daygo to L.A. (1,200 copies sold)

DJ Clock’s Low Budget Mixtape (over 500 copies sold; Ontario, Canada)

Playgyrl Slim Presents: Da Underground Unit Vol. 2 (unreleased)

DJ Clock’s Real Ghost Stories Mixtape (unreleased)

Annihilation Presents: Latin Fire (unreleased)

LA Playaz (LP) - released 9/3/05 (463 copies sold)

Set List

Hash N Brain recently split up. Though their collaborations from the LA Playaz LP are currently receiving national airplay, Hash and Brain will no longer be performing together.

Hash's typical set is 30 minutes consisiting of the following songs:

1. Step To Me
2. Latin's Finest
3. Everyday Thang
4. Be A Man
5. Street Life
6. Spanish Butterfly

Brain's typical set is 30 minutes consisiting of the following songs:

1. Ready 2 Die
2. C.H.C.
3. 3rd World Spitt'n
4. WestCoast Hindi
5. Pain
6. $ Rules
7. 40 oz Dreams
8. Asian Lady