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Dublin, Leinster, Ireland | INDIE

Dublin, Leinster, Ireland | INDIE
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"Scene & Heard: Hassle Merchants"

Page 27-28 - U&I Magazine, Feb 2013

"WATCH: New Hassle Merchants Music Video"

The spirit of The Clash lives on in Ireland, as new wave punks Hassle Merchants – a going concern for six years now – have spent the summer touring the country. Today brings a new music video from the boys. 'Let's Start A War' is all guitar rattles and indignation, with the accompanying promo taking a graphic, detailed look at the interplay between corporate oil interests and countries like Iraq and Iran. Riffage with a message, in other words. Watch below. - Hot Press Magazine, August 2012

"MRU Awards 2012 – Hassle Merchants Celebrate With Dublin Gig!"

Hassle Merchants return to Twisted Pepper for a performance this Sat., Nov. 3rd, just one month after launching their MRU nominated political music video ‘Let’s Start a War‘ [they have since won] . Featured this week on New York’s PBS Television Network’s Tehran Bureau homepage, alongside the current issue of Irish Men’s Tatler, and on twitter feeds from around the world, ‘Start a War’ has stirred up quite the controversy already. - MRU, Jan. 2013

"Artist of the Day: Hassle Merchants"

Hassle Merchants: if your knickers aren't in a twist after a live performance, you are wearing iron undergarments.

- See more at: http://wwww.festivalandgigguide.ie/index.php/blog/featured-artists/artist-of-the-day/920-hassle-merchants#sthash.BbsU0f22.dpuf - Festival & Gig Guide Ireland, Feb 2013

"Headline Artist: Hassle Merchants"

popVLTR: You've been making moves in Dublin, how'd you get into music? HM: We were all childhood friends that hung around together when we were younger. One summer Rambo (our bass player) had a house party and Gruss (our guitarist) whipped out a guitar. We had a bit of a sing song and ended up writing a terrible song that night. Then all we needed was a Drummer, who came in the form of Gruss' little brother Mini. We gave him some biscuit tins to bang on, and Hassle Merchants were born.

popVLTR: Congrats on 'Start a War', who are your influences? HM: Thanks! We have wide ranging influence from The Raconteurs, Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, Arcade Fire and The Band. We're also influenced by the wealth of talent over here in Ireland. There's a a huge amount of untapped talent on this little island that's waiting to be discovered.

popVLTR: What are some of your proudest moments in music so far? HM: We've played some of Ireland's best festivals but one festival in particular stands out for us. Knockanstockan is the best independent festival in Ireland, and we have had some amazing gigs there. Another standout gig for us was ShamrockFest in Washington DC last March. The crowd was amazing and the people we met were great fun. We met so many new people while gigging in the US, and it has to be one of the biggest highlights of our career so far.

popVLTR: What cool stuff is on the horizon for Hassle Merchants?
HM: We are planning to get back to the States in the end of the summer to record an album and play some shows. Festival season has just arrived here in Ireland, so we have loads of gigs and festival appearances lined up over the next few months. Most importantly, we want to get our debut album recorded and released so we can bring it back to the US for you all to hear.
- Pop Vulture Magazine June 2013



All Revved Up, 2005

The Indie War, 2007

A Hard Pill to Swallow, 2012



*Hassle Merchants* is a four-piece rock band whose drummer was once pronounced legally dead, and whose lead singer is perhaps itching to catch up with him, with his penchant for swinging from rafters, singing atop 6-foot speakers, and yes, stage-diving at festivals.

Here's a video of the band exhibiting aforementioned antics performing *Run Rabbit Run* at Knockanstockan Festival:

Fresh from their first U.S. dates, Hassle Merchants performed for 30,000 people at Washington DC's Shamrock Fest, and at famed rock venue Pianos in New York City.

Brian Marconi of The Irish Mail on Sunday once wrote, "Dublin’s Hassle Merchants are one of Ireland's most thrilling live acts”.

The group recently won the Music Review Unsigned award for best Alternative Rock group in Ireland 2012.

Hassle Merchants were featured artists in U Magazine, and recently appeared in the fall issue of Irish Men's Tatler, Music Review Unsigned and Hot Press magazines. The band is outfitted by Australian accessories label Icon Brand.

Hassle Merchants' new music video - Let's Start A War (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qTNalKwnIpQ) - has stirred up conversation in its examination of American oil interests in Middle East countries like Iraq and Iran. The video is currently featured on New York's PBS Frontline Tehran Bureau.

Having batted their eyelashes and hiked up their skirts since 2005, the band finally caught the eye of Ireland's top economist, David McWilliams, this year. McWilliams is such a fan that he made the Hassle Merchants' Run Rabbit Run the theme song for his new web-series Punk Economics. The series has cumulatively received over a million views.

Before David, there were other admirers - Hassle Merchants have been featured in publications like News of the World, The Sunday Tribune, The Irish Mail on Sunday, and LeCool, among many others. They were crowned Connected Magazine's “Band of the Year” in 2007, and their songs have received airplay on many of Ireland's major radio stations, including Phantom FM, 2FM, Today FM, Dublin City FM, and Radio Nova.

Check out Hassle Merchants songs on itunes, facebook or reverbnation -- or watch this introductory video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AAb7hiXoC48


~~~"Hassle Merchants are a highly professional four piece who play cool 1977 style new wave in the style of The Lurkers, The Clash or Chelsea" ~ News of the World

~~~“One of Ireland's hardest working and most vital live acts” ~ Adam White ~ Connected Magazine

~~~"Music fans searching for a band that can mix and match trash, punk, psychedelica and grunge, as the mood suits, will find balance in Hassle Merchants" ~ Eva Hall ~ The Ballyfermot Press

~~~“The venue was packed and the atmosphere literally buzzed with anticipation, a sure sign of the band’s cult status” ~ Niamh Doolan ~ Connected Magazine

~~~"Dublin's Hassle Merchants are one of Irelands most thrilling live acts" ~ Brian Marconi ~ The Irish Mail on Sunday

~~~“Quite awesome” ~ Una Mullally ~ UnaRocks (Blog), The Sunday Tribune

~~~“ BLOODY GOOD. Go see them. Now... Reminiscent of Black Flag and early Clash” ~ 12 White Lines ~ Music Blog

~~~“If theres a band to get out of bed for, Hassle Merchants are it.” ~ Adam White ~ Connected Magazine

~~~"Relentlessly gigging, Hassle Merchants are one of the most hard-working bands in Ireland with their own pace of progress." ~ Naomi McArdle ~ Off Her Rocker (Blog), Hotpress.

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