Hassle Merchants

Hassle Merchants


We are Alternative Punk band with alot of different influences. We're energetic and thrive on live performances. Our aim with every new song is to try and write something different every time, that way you never get bored and you can keep developing as a band.


Formed in 2005 in a bond cemented by sleepless weekends and a yearning for synchronised headknocking, Hassle Merchants have graduated into one of Irish rock’s must-see live bands. Whether staging one of their own street gigs, a ‘Merchantsville’ club night, or touring the UK , they cast spells and cause sweaty brows through a heady mix of do-or-die energy, whiplash rhythms and a frenzied pursuit of pure pleasure. Intoxicating doesn’t cover it.

As if to prove the point, the four piece wowed a packed stage at 2007’s Hard Working Class Heroes showcase in Dublin . They then capped off a triumphant year by ramming a headline show at Whelan’s, before being crowned Connected magazine’s Top 50 Band of 2007.


The Indie War - Single - Releasd June 08

Set List

Red Raw
Get Your Finger Out
Tomorrow We'll be Kings
Run Rabbit Run
Dublins Screamin Murder
When Felix Comes a Lickin'
Shoulder To Shoulder
Your Friendly Neighbourhood Scumbag
The Indie War
Boy Go Home

Our set lasts about 35 mins