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When Heaven Comes Down (2006)



NEVER dismiss someone because of youth. This batch of 19-year-old musicians – collectively dubbed Hasting – have the musical talent and potential of many folks twice their age. Alt rock artist Hasting is proof that talent doesn't discriminate by age. It shows up everywhere, including – and especially – in this group of musicians who turn out inspired songs with catchy hooks and plenty of pop sensibilities – all tied together with intelligence and creativity.

And when discussing the ingredients of a Hasting song, one can never ignore emotive potency. Hasting writes songs that can pick the listener up and carry him or her in whatever emotional direction in which said song is pointed. Just as the members of Hasting as music lovers themselves can be affected by another's music or by their own performance, so too their listeners benefit from the emotional communication of the band's songs. “When we write a really uplifting song and play it when we've had a rough day, it changes our mood completely. It is wild how noise has that affect on us.” And guess what? It'll work on you, too. Just play a Hasting song and get swept away.

Nirvana. Oblivion. It's not such a bad thing, depending on how you think of it. Imagine meditation, positivity via the removal of thought. Songs should so totally absorb you that the only thing of which you're conscious is the music that surrounds you. “There is nothing greater than if a song has the ability to take you to a place where all you think about is nothing and all you feel are the shivers running down your arms to your fingertips. In that moment, music is life.” Get ready, because when you hear Hasting you're going to be goosebump terrain. Feel the rush.

Hasting can lay claim to a number of hard-earned honors. The band has come out victorious in a whole passel of battle of the band events. Hasting's music has gone so far in its reach to have nabbed radio broadcast in England! And you know a band is doing the music right when it becomes an example for others: “When Heaven Comes Down” - Hasting's debut album – made an appearance on the Rock Drumming System instructional DVD. And listeners saw the future when they voted Hasting the “Next Big Thing” on AlternativeAddiction.com. And these guys aren't done accomplishing yet. Extensive touring is being planned and the group regularly appears on stage. New music is always pouring out of the band's creative process. Hasting is currently working with A&R Select, the hottest indie A&R firm in Hollywood, CA.

“Hasting truly is the next big thing – as already recognized by fans, and soon to be acknowledged by the industry as a whole.” - A&R Select