Alternative Americana straight out of the Canadian heartland. Twangy enough to be dangerous,soulful enough to be deep, and more than enough to raise you up and out of your seat.Through their ragged-sweet harmonies, chiming guitars, and unforgettable melodies, come stories of hope, love and loss.


Getting There From Here: Hatcher-Briggs’ musical journey arrives

“One of the best albums of this, or any, year” says Winnipeg Free Press

WINNIPEG -- 'Getting There From Here' is an appropriate title for the latest stop on the musical journey of the Winnipeg-based Hatcher-Briggs Band. The record presents 12 brand new songs from Hatcher-Briggs, a collection of musicians whose creativity and collaboration dates back to the late 70s Canadian music scene. As The Fuse (later The Six), siblings Jeffrey, Paul and Don Hatcher and longtime friend David Briggs quickly became a phenomenon on Winnipeg’s underground rock scene. Later relocating to Toronto and taking the name Jeffrey Hatcher & The Big Beat, the group scored a hit with the song “The Man Who Would Be King” (from their Upside/Columbia album Cross Our Hearts). And in mid-90s Vancouver, Jeffrey Hatcher formed with 60s pop legend Billy Cowsill the storied alternative-country band The Blue Shadows. Hatcher’s songs were also the subject of a superb tribute record – Natural Wonder – by Vancouver singer Wendy Bird, who provides guest vocals on 'Getting There From Here'.

Getting There From Here (out now via Unherd Music) represents the first time Briggs and the Hatchers have teamed up in the studio together at the same time in over 20 years. "Music, and especially music that has something to say, has always been a part of our lives, and the bond we have as a band has always endured,” says multi-instrumentalist Don Hatcher, who produced and engineered 'Getting There From Here' in his studio.
Adds guitarist-singer-keyboardist Briggs: “These songs come directly out of our own lives and experiences. But anyone who knows our very first records and listens to 'Getting There From Here' will definitely hear the thread that runs through all of our music.” In describing that sound, guitarist-singer Jeffrey Hatcher notes, “Whenever we get together, we find we're aiming for, not strictly the sounds, but more the feeling we always got from early rhythm 'n' blues and rock ‘n’ roll.”

Whether it’s the barroom swagger of “Goodnight Mrs. Brown,” the baroque pop of the elegant “What Yesterday Took,” the mournful piano balladry of “Bring Me An Ocean” or the group’s adrenalized cover of Gram Parsons’ “In My Hour of Darkness,” Hatcher-Briggs demonstrates a range of style and emotion that is rare in overly-formatted modern music.

“We fell in love with music where country songs, rock songs and R&B songs, naturally live right beside each other. And all of our favourite artists gravitate towards incorporating different styles of music into their records in an effort to find their own voices. "We're still music fans, and that’s what we aspire to as a group, and what we continue to reach for in our own work,” says drummer Paul Hatcher.


Getting There From Here

Written By: Jeffrey Hatcher

When you try remember this and I know you will
There may be uncertainty in your mind until
When we meet again and it’s over and the race is run
Know this could be true for anyone
Some are done wrong and some just done

To travel, seeking out new worlds
Getting there from here
I could show you oh, so much
But only if you’re near
All this wandering could go so far and teach us all so much
Ah but lover, we have gone so far
Gone so far as to now have lost our touch

Tragedy, striking helpless souls
Survivors pray
And perish at the hands of wind, or wave and rain
Our help is on the way if we are sure of the damage done
Since we believe just what we see
This is the best that can be done

Simple Things

Written By: Don Hatcher David Briggs

Its all in the simple things
I look and I see that now
Its there in the things you say
I stop and I hear that now
still I'm not sure how

Its in all that has been sent
comes from a world that's ours
And though you're so far away
I feel I can reach you now
still I'm not sure how

It Rests With Me

Written By: Don Hatcher Jeffrey Hatcher

Now we're here and on our own this time
running's over now we wait
Hiding's over this is the last time
that our back's will face the fire
and here we'll be found

Well alright
Rest my rifle on my knee
Well alright
Its alright here by me

Once the future said eternity
now silence not a sound
Hides and bones as far as we can see
They stole thunder from the ground
and here we'll be found

Well alright
I Rest my rifle on my knee
baby its alright
Its alright here by me

And its here it rests with me
and its here it rests with me

In My Hour of Darkness

Written By: Gram Parsons Emmylou Harris

In my hour of darkness, in my time of need
Oh Lord, grant me vision, oh Lord, grant me speed

Once there was a young man, went driving through the night
Miles and miles without a word with just his high-beam lights
Who'd have ever thought they'd build such a deadly Denver bend
To be so strong, to take so long as it would till the end

In my hour of darkness, in my time of need
Oh Lord, grant me vision, oh Lord, grant me speed

Another young man safely strummed his silver string guitar
And he played to people everywhere, some say he was a star

But he was just a country boy, his simple songs confess
And the music he had in him so very few possess

In my hour of darkness, in my time of need
Oh Lord, grant me vision, oh Lord, grant me speed

Once there was an old man, kind and wise with age
And he read me just like a book and he never missed a page
And I loved him like my father and I loved him like my friend
And I knew his time would surely come but I did not know just when

In my hour of darkness, in my time of need
Oh Lord, grant me vision, oh Lord, grant me speed
Oh Lord, grant me vision, oh Lord, grant me speed

Natural Wonder

Written By: Jeffrey Hatcher

You saw the sunrise just this morning
You saw the moon fall just before dawn
She's the real one the natural wonder
Later on you could say you loved her
and just like the dawn she was gone

The wildest winds they're the lucky ones
go anywhere they please
it all feels like home
she's the true the natural wonder
just kicking up the dust of summer
moving the very ground you're standing on

Santa Ana you're coming again
sands in the glass all gone with the wind
ain't it natural that I should wonder

Like rain that falls in California
a road cut into the mountainside
they may need me but something is wrong here
they can use me but i'll never belong here
moved to the wonder of it all
Santa Ana you're coming again
sands in the glass all gone with the wind
ain't it natural that I should wonder


1.Jeffrey Hatcher and The Big Beat
Cross Our Hearts (Upside/Columbia/Sony)
2.Getting There From Here (Unherd)
3.The Fuse,The Six,The Big Beat and Other Stories (Unherd)
4.The Six (Unherd)
5.The Blue Shadows
On The Floor of Heaven (Bumstead/Sony)
6.The Blue Shadows
Lucky To Me (Bumstead/Sony)