New school hardcore with an oldschool feel. A refreshingly original and experienced hardcore band emerging from a scene full of death metal/intricate screamy hardcore bands. Hatchetface fits nicely on any metalbased bill.


HATCHETFACE is comprised of 4 guys who have been a part of the music scene for years. Coming out of such bands as Haymaker and Chokehold, a fresh original old school hardcore influence is evident. Influenced by early 90's hardcore, thrash, and all parts in between these guys stand out amongst a sea of similar bands. The live show proves instantly that HATCHETFACE loves what they do and have fun doing it. HATCHETFACE has been around since late '08 and is garnering respect locally and has shared the stage (in a main support role)with bands like Threat Signal(Nuclear Bast) and Farewell to Freeway(Victory Records). Currently finishing thier first full length with a late April release.


Spit Back Blood e.p. 2009
Currently have 2 songs on

Set List

10 songs @ 30-35mins
No covers.