Hateful Bones
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Hateful Bones

Lynchburg, Virginia, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2000 | SELF

Lynchburg, Virginia, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2000
Band Rock Metal


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Hateful Bones: Nothing to Hate and Everything to Love"

Lynchburg - If you’re in Central Virginia and you happen to see an eight-piece band rocking hard and playing their heart out, odds are it's Hateful Bones, but don’t let the name fool you. There’s nothing hateful about any of the members in this rock band. While their guitar riffs and heavy drumming may sound like its coming from a dark place, if you listen closer you’ll hear the message Hateful Bones is delivering through their intelligently crafted collaboration. While each member has his own musical influences, Metallica, Pantera, classic rock, and Godsmack remain prominent, and fans often tell the band that these influences can be easily heard in their music, which sometimes includes a touch of blues but is through and through, pure rock and roll.

When this group of musicians comes together, they create a unique sound that fans have embraced, and when you hear their stories and memories, you’ll hear their passion in their words and music, and you’ll see why Central Virginia is "loving" these Hateful’ Bones …

33: With such a large lineup, how does the band work together to make the sound and the band in general work so well?
FD: We equally do our share and try to pull our own weight by each helping brainstorm new music, getting equipment and ourselves to shows, booking gigs, helping set up and breakdown equipment at shows, and promoting to any and everyone. We all collaborate on rhythms and time signatures that each of us enjoy playing. Most of our music is just written from various jam sessions that we take pieces from and use them to create a solid song. We usually do covers upon venue/fan request, but some of our favorites/most played songs are from artists like Tool and Staind. 75% of our shows are done for charity/fundraising events such as American Cancer Association, Helping Hands of the Roanoke Valley, St Jude's, and many many more! We donate our talent and time as often as possible to help anyone in need.”

33: What do you feel your greatest accomplishment as a band has been so far?
FD: Being able to spread such a powerful message to our fans impacts a lot of different people’s lives, and we've been told that our music has changed and even saved lives, so that is one of the biggest accomplishments so far. Being able to interact with our fans at the shows is awesome, too. The whole crowd sings, and they often get the opportunity to even get on stage and get involved, too, whether they jump on the drums, rock a guitar/bass or pick up a a mic... and of course being able to stick together through our ups and downs as a band and continue to put songs together through our experiences that people actually relate to. Last but not least, we literally have fans all around the WORLD thanks to the internet! Fans in Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, London, and just so many places that you wouldn’t even believe, and we actually have messages from them telling us how much they enjoy our music and appreciate our message.

Each individual brings something special to the band, and without each individual’s story and experiences, Hateful Bones wouldn’t be able to deliver the powerful sound that they do. When they come together, they create a sound that is more than a blend of riffs and beats; they create an experience.

“We feel like we are serving God through our music and all of our journeys in life have led us right here to where we are today... writing, singing, and playing music with a positive message of hope, love, religion, and good ole rock 'n' roll! Every song is a true life experience that many can relate to.”
The experiences of the band members have also taught the band to relish the simple things in life, and even though this band has fans around the world, they’re really just a group of friends doing what they love and doing it well. Whether they get to play at a sold out arena one day, or whether they’re playing a private party in your own backyard, they’ll remain just as grounded and true to themselves.
It’s obvious that the band is satisfied with where they are in life and with their music. “We have our own stream. It may not be the "mainstream", but we aren't very far from it! We still find time to go fishing,” says Frank.

Where ever the Hateful Bones "stream" is found, there is no doubt that Central Virginia, and even the rest of the world, is happy to be listening to it … and loving it. - Virginia Magazine 33


We have two albums released to the public, a total of 19 songs. We have several videos on youtube as well. Hateful Bones also has radio airplay in Va, Pa, and several internet radio sites.



Since forming in 2000, HatefulBones has delivered heavy-hitting, original rock music that is truly one of a kind, with heart-felt lyrical content; and an inspiring story of over-coming and survival of real "life battles". It's evolving line-up has enabled the musicianship and creativity to thrive, with each new member always bringing something special to the table.

Hailing from Lynchburg, Virginia, this well-known group has a large fan base, with their message reaching several countries, ages, races, and people all over the world. Stay up to date with them on all the main social media sites (twitter, reverbnation, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc). With thousands of gigs played over the years, HatefulBones has established their love for music and share it with anyone that will hear it! Festivals, charities, benefits, parties, rock-&-remodels, and battle of the bands are some of the shows the group has performed. Their costumes/make-up, light-shows, and unique stage presence ensures a rare one of a kind performance each and every time!

HatefulBones has two demos released, "Bring the $h*t", and "You're on Your Own". Their upcoming cd "Because I Can" is in the works, and a release date will be announced ... So stay tuned!! Keep rockin! *The #music is #family#Netrocking#hope#peace & #love to the masses!!!