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"HATEM – They Won’t Let Me Grow"

Spanish hipster four-piece HATEM’s They Won’t Let Me Grow is complex in its swooping, aesthetic sythy beats and keys which stomp up hill in cymbal-led array.

Pseudo experimental in its velvety construction, bassy footing contrasts with elated and wiry melody to create sharp alterations to the feel, ultimately rewarding with an electronic tone M83 would steal by night.

This is exciting pop, even if it inhabits a space not entirely free of competition.

Relative unknowns on UK shores, HATEM’s next LP will be their third on general release.

There seems something of a revelatory spirit creeping from tentative declarations, murmured against porous, syncopated rhythms. They Won’t Let Me Grow carries an appreciative and responsive air, conjuring excitement for the full length LP, out later this year.

Hola a Todo el Mundo’s (HATEM) “They Won’t Let me Grow” is 3.30 minutes of dreamy, sun-drenched pop, overflowing with warm snyths, lilting guitar and pleasantly hazy, harmonised vocals. Listening to it in my glacial office, I can practically feel the warmth of the Spanish sun radiating from the speakers.

This track is the first single from the Madrid-based group’s third album, Ultraviolet Catastrophe, which is due for release in February 2013. The album’s ten tracks pay homage to the ten vignette’s that form Roy Tiger Milton’s otherworldly poem of the same name and the band have said that in making the album, they sought to recreate his world of a reality unrestrained by the hum-drum of everyday life. Here’s hoping the rest of the album is as blissfully evocative and transportative as “They Won’t Let me Grow”. - Culture or trask

"Listen: HATEM – They Won’t Let Me Grow [Best Fit Premiere]"

HATEM hail from the same imprint that gave us Spanish dance-poppers Delorean, and their new song ‘They Won’t Let Me Grow’ shares the same joyous baleric-infused groove as their aforementioned labelmates and countrymen.

Listen to the track from the well-groomed fourpiece below as a Best Fit premiere, out via Mushroom Pillow on 19 November. - The Line of best fit

""HATEM" They Won't Let Me Grow"

Hola A Todo El Mundo (HATEM), a Spanish indie rock band, evokes the days of childhood playtime in “They Won’t Let Me Grow,” a cut from Ultraviolet Catasphore. A mishmash of taut synth strums, relaxed acoustic guitar and hazy vocals compliments images of little kids playing pirate – thankfully without a recess bell to interrupt them. - MTV Iggy


Hola a todo el mundo - Hola a todo el mundo (2009)
Hola a todo el mundo - Estela Castiza (2011)
HATEM - Ultraviolet Catastrophe (2013 - March)



For Ultraviolet Catastrophe, their new album, released March 2013

"The first time I read something on Roy Tiger Milton was in my cousin Kristine’s house in Phoenix. She had a couple of books by him. A book with the trilogy Magnamimity! And another with a selection of poems such as A better war, The eyes of water or Ultraviolet Catastrophe. 
It seems he was a writer and a cartoonist born in England but brought up in the United States. Son of an English boxer. An artist who’s not well known, not even in the US.
He only published a few books which he himself distributed, mainly in Seattle and in San Bernardino, between family members and some friends.

His poem Ultraviolet Catastrophe stood out for me. Composed by 10 small poems. Sombre. Hard to interpret. At times there were encouraging moments and at other times, profoundly melancholic.
It spoke about the reality that surrounds us, here, in Seattle, or anywhere else. Of how reality is, of how it doesn’t exist. Of being trapped in an unreal world, where only magic would make us free.
That wasn’t metaphorical. It wasn’t poetic. It was the truth, the only truth. He decidated his whole life to prove this. I believe him. That’s why we’ve made this album with this poem…”