Emerging from the darkness, Hate Storm Annihilation comes hailing from Chicago Illinois to bring the people the Blackened Death Metal that we have to offer!


Konstantin- I believe if one is to classify Hate Storm Annihilation, it would be in the extreme metal genre, but in the same time we have many different elements, some doomy parts, some thrashy parts, so really that would be sort of limiting ourselves. We include all of our influences in the music, and that to me varies from brutal death metal, to technical, to hard rock, or even funk, so don't be surprised if you hear some beats that are not so usual in the genre. As far as fans describing our music, I seem to get a lot of stuff like "f*cking brutal'' and "super fast". For example, Alex Webster (Bassist of Cannibal Corpse) said we are "fast as sh*t".

Craig- I guess the best way of describing the music is fast, heavy, and pretty dark. We've heard in the past from a few people that the basic feel is always aggressive but kinda channels the aggression into different forms of expression. So say, one song can sound really fast and heavy, while the next is "Black and Evil", but always aggressive.


From the Inside Out