Hats & Statues

Hats & Statues


Folk/Indie/Punk Explosion. Like if Hunter S. Thompson dosed The Violent Femmes at a Karl Marx rally.


Everyone is an artist. Hats & Statues is what happens when punk rock kids get ahold of a banjo and a bottle of whisky.


Hats & Statues DIY E.P.(2008)

Set List

Typically a 45 minute set. We only perform original material. Our Set can be extended or shortened if needed.
-Batman The Song(not a cover)
-Broken Social Spleen
-Silverware Wolf
-Hello My Name is John and I'm an Addict
-Red and Yellow Socks
-Deadly Mantalope
-Scones and Scotch
-You Sir Have a Very Narrow Definition of Kolache