hattie green

hattie green


hattie green-what more could two guys do together


Hattie Green is the name of an old blues song by Mance Lipscomb. Mance Lipscomb and old blues are strong influences for Jordan Tarrant and Taft Mashburn, the two members of Hattie Green. Listening to a Hattie Green performance, a listener can expect fiery performances and even stronger musical material. Hattie Green does mostly original material, with a cover thrown in here and there for familiarity's sake, though the forms of Hattie Green's originals are familiar enough to be accessible to anyone. Two Singers, two songwriters, guitars, harmonicas and whatever else we can find.


in progress

Set List

1. Bitch Goin' Fight
2. I'm Gonna Leave Here Babe
3. Where Pain Come From
4. The Cure
5. I Don't Want You But I Don't Mind You
6. Feed The Beast
7. I'll Tell You When I Go
8. Hey Mr. Johnson
9. Are You Still Confident?
10. The Passing
11. Oh, Evelyn
12. That's How I Chose to Be