Hattie Whitehead

Hattie Whitehead


Daughter to a Jazz musician and a poet, Hattie grew up listening to many musical greats, mostly in the Folk and Jazz Genres. In recent years however, more and more genres have crept into her songwriting, creating what could be described as Alternative/Folk music with edges of jazz, indie and rock.


Hattie Whitehead was born and raised in South West London constantly surrounded by music and words. She has been singing since she can remember, taping her first album at the tender age of 3, with her dad on guitar. The daughter of a jazz musician and a poet, she heard a lot of jazz and folk like James Taylor, Joni Mitchell, Tracy Chapman and this began to shape her taste in music. Some years later, Hattie completed a music degree at Leeds University, gigging alongside her studies, and soon after finishing she discovered a passion for writing her own songs. A year later, she brought her band together and began performing her new material around London, to a great response.

Hattie's love for different styles of music is reflected in her writing where there is a clear folk influence, but other genres are distinguishable, notably Indie and Alternative, with occasional jazz inflections in her vocal melodies. She is usually supported on stage by her band, consisting of Tom Varrall on lead guitar, Ida Hollis on bass and Pete Hill on drums. Hattie and the band are currently recording new material for an EP scheduled for release early this year.


Into Dreamland (scheduled for release in early 2013)