haunted amps

haunted amps

 Austin, Texas, USA

we come from nothingness and will return to nothingness, but while we are form, the line between where our music ends and the observer's spirit begins will cease to exist. now is now...


haunted amps were born in 2010. a faulty chord, a wet floor, and a collective electric shock joined us together. that experience attuned our frequency with the ethereal bandwidth. we our like everyone else; we our like every great song anyone has ever heard.


Anxious Machines

Written By: haunted amps

what kind of life is this?
the life of an anxious machine
the things i had to sacrifice
in order to let myself be
there's rumors that i must remain clean
in order to receive
the gift but the seems absurd
when all i love dies around me
and there is no evidence
to suggest they've past on to eternity
and if heaven is what we're yearning for
then i'm a voyager of the cosmic sea
i've given up on sanity
i even forsook his name
now ghosts surround my heart
and god is an eagle in flames

existential threshold!


The Saboteur Lost at Sea EP

Set List

I'm So Tired
Saboteur Lost at Sea
The Hurricane
Vicious Waves
Vacant Port
The Golden Bay ( Empty Hourglass)
Pink Clouds
Anxious Machines (ET)