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The best kept secret in music


"(4 out of 5) STARS - HAUNTED BY ANGELS - Season of Death (CD)"

Haunted by Angels is an US band from uptown New York. The band spend most of their time in refining their line-up, musical style & image. The band is fronted by a female singer "Jane Evil" which has a good, European sounding, voice. The other musicians are doing their jobs also very well. The music can be described as a mix of traditional Heavy Metal with lots of atmospheric Doom influences. There are also a lot of progressive elements in their songs which makes the band sound original. The band already received a lot of recognition and they are asked to add songs to several compilation-CD's. In their own words; "HBA is a band on the rise, a group of dedicated, professional musicians who are destined for success". And I have to agree with that!! To compare the band with another band is very difficult; to me it sounds like a mix of bands like Acid (Belgium) & Fear of God (USA) but I also hear a lot of NWOBHM influences back in their songs. Good album!!
Fav. songs: Season of Death (18 minutes!!, Black & White. - MariosMetalMania.com

"By Lockeed 9 of 10 Stars"

I always find it fun to listen to metal bands that have female vocalists because overall it seems that a lot of the metal scene is dominated by males. Haunted By Angels is a Power/Doom metal band that has a female singer that actually creates quite an interesting CD. Now I know it may seem odd to describe them as Power and Doom metal, but they seem to be a darker, heavier version of Iron Maiden or Iced Earth.

The CD Starts out with ‘Fallen Angel,’ a good glimpse of what the CD will be like. The song starts out with a tune that reminds me of Iron Maidens ‘Invaders.’ After 20 seconds the song slows down and the vocals begin to rumble. The voice is a very interesting aspect of this CD. The vocalist can create a very raspy sound, then come right back out and sing very well. Mixing these two skills adds a nice touch to the album. The next two songs, ‘Neverland’ and ‘Neverland II: The Overture,’ are telling one story. They blend into each other seamlessly and both are very well written songs. One of my favorite parts on the CD is on ‘Neverland II: The Overture,’ when the vocals start and the vocalists just starts screaming.

The next two songs, ‘Autumn: A Prelude To Insanity’ and ‘Season Of Death,’ are again one song. ‘Autumn: A Prelude to Insanity,’ is a two minute long melodic piece leading up the monster 18:28 minute long ‘Season Of Death.’ Even though ‘Season of Death’ is one song it plays as if it was 3 or more, the transitions between parts are done as if the song changes, but there is always a similar tone to the song. These two are quite simply my favorite songs on this CD. ‘Autumn: A Prelude to Insanity’ is a magnificent piece that emanates a oncoming storm. The storm seems to break the second you hear the first note on ‘Season Of Death.’ In my eyes what makes ‘Season of Death’ so enjoyable is its lyrics. The lyrics are very well written and draw you into the song and show, not tell you, what the ‘Season Of Death’ is. Other notable songs are ‘No Looking Back’ ‘Black and White’ and ‘Hellbout.’

This CD is full of great songs that will have you giving this CD plenty of spin time your CD player. There isn’t a bad song on this CD, everything is well produced. For a band that is still unsigned it great to see such talent. Hmm I cant really think of any bad thing to say about this CD. I would definitely recommend this CD to fans of Heavy Metal, Power Metal, Iron Maiden, and Iced Earth. A grand CD that should absorb the listener into its world and leave them satisfied.
- Lunar Hypnosis

"Cdbaby.com Buyer reviews"

5 STARS - Dark Progressive Metal With A Sound All It's Own
Reviewer: JD
This band has the talent to be with a major label. Great musically, intelligent lyrics, above average female vocals (that will only get better) mixed with enough male vocals to keep things interesting. The cd is strong throughout and gets better with each listen. I can't wait for the next release.

5 STARS - Intense progressive hard rock of the highest quality!
Reviewer: Brian
Damn, this thing blew my socks off like few albums have done in a long time! Songwriting and musicianship are first rate from beginning to end. To the comparisons already mentioned, I would add Rush and the Who (Live at Leeds period). If there is any justice in the world, this band is bound for glory!

5 STARS - Heavy, Atmospheric, Haunting lyrics
Reviewer: Tim Tanner
I love this cd! Perfect blend of atmospheric doom and haunting lyrics.I can't wait for the next one!

5 STARS - ..epic, long cuts and fast and easy ones.
Reviewer: Michael Danilowicz
The number of female lead singers for metal bands are few and far between. Haunted By Angels, a metal band out of New York, features a female lead singer named Jane Evil. More about Evil later, but first a note about the guitar players. The riffs and energetic style of Art McDermott, Andy Wheeler brings back memories of a young Metallica. These three musicians shine on every track of "Season." The tracks are a combination of epic, long cuts and fast and easy ones. "Season of Death" is a grand, three-part song reminiscent of Led Zeppelin's "Stairway To Heaven." Some of the songs have a refreshing fantasy element to them as well. The most interesting song is a cover of Kansas' "Dust In The Wind." The beginning starts out sounding exactly like the original but soon the band starts to add their own flair and zest to the classic song. As for Jane Evil's voice: it's the slight downside to the album. No, she doesn't have a bad voice, it is just it takes a while to get used to. When a track starts with heavy, wailing guitars and frantic drum beats your ears are expecting a deep, growling voice rather than Evil's light vocals. If you are willing to allow your ears to get used to Evil's voice then you're going to play this CD a lot. Metalheads interested in fantasy should pick up this album regardless.

5 STARS - True metal!
Reviewer: Mike J.
Comparisons to Lacuna Coil and My Ruin may be fair, but this cd has a sound all its own! All killer and no filler. I would expect a big label to pick up on this SOON! Buy this and crank it up!

5 STARS - US version of Lacuna Coil
Reviewer: Marissa Peters
This CD is intense! Very musical. Very original yet familiar at the same time. I am a huge Lacuna Coil and My Ruin fan. Now I have a vice! - www.CDBABY.com


Singles: Fallen Angel, Hellbound, Dust In The Wind
CDS: To Hell and Back, Season of Death


Feeling a bit camera shy


Haunted By Angels

Jane Evil - Vocals Art - Guitars
Andy - Guitars Dave - Drums Daryl - Bass

Born and bred in Upstate NY, Haunted By Angels was formed in 1997. Since then it has spent the majority of it's time refining it's line-up, musical style and image. The final pieces of the puzzle are in place, and the band is gaining some well-deserved recognition at last.

With its emphasis on musicality, Haunted By Angels strives to bring quality metal back to the forefront of the industry. The fusion of intelligent lyrics with melodic, yet heavy music has always been Haunted By Angels strongest attribute. While most bands today are easily categorized, Haunted By Angels is constantly dodging the genre bullet. Some say progressive, atmospheric, doom, black, old school, its all in there. Haunted By Angels never shys away from showing its influences.

In 2002, Haunted By Angels proceeded to break all the rules and released their long-anticipated, 14-track debut CD to the public-for FREE! The campaign that was designed as a promotional stunt and turned out to be a huge success for the band, spawning loyal fans from around the world. Haunted By Angels used the internet to its fullest to promote this free CD and continually smashed the top ten internet charts on websites such as MP3.com, BroadJam.com and MPulse.com. Haunted By Angels spent the rest of the year playing shows, promoting, networking and building it's own expansive website at HauntedByAngels.com.

With the arrival of 2003, HBA took its sound to an even heavier realm and added a twist in the form a female lead vocalist Jane Evil. Jane came along just in time to boost the bands popularity over the edge. Jane brings her dark and seductive voice to the mix and fuses the loop between the amazing guitar work of Brian Moore guitars artist Andy Wheeler, the super tight rhythms of Minarik guitars artist Art "Iceman" McDermott, and the progressive drum work of Dave Derrig. Together they recorded Haunted By Angels second release "Season of Death" and produced a video for the single, "Fallen Angel" from the CD. From its infectious odd time opener Fallen Angel to the monolithic 18 minute title track "Season of Death". The band stretches its wings and shows its diversity. "Season" is Haunted By Angels latest and most ambitious release to date. (See included reviews).

2004 brought Haunted By Angels to the forefront opening many doors for the band. While promoting "Season of Death" the band had the opportunity to open for national acts, Bella Morte, VAST, Dokken, and Naked Beggars featuring Cinderellas Jeff Labar and Eric Brittingham. Playing such venues as the famous Don Hill's in NYC to the Continental in Buffalo, 2004 was a banner year for Haunted By Angels with the future looking even brighter.

This is just a glimpse of the new CD to emerge from this metal quintet that hasn't forgotten that there is more than drop C tuning in the metal world.

In the first quarter of 2005, Haunted By Angels will be finishing up its third release. Afterwards the band plans on hitting the road to promote new release and spread the disease. Heavy rhythms, masterful guitar solos, odd time drum grooves and searing vocals all come together to create Haunted By Angels signature sound, a sound that is difficult to confine to just one genre.