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“Their talents lay not only with an amazing stage performance, but can also be seen in their ambitious attempt to release a new EP every month of 2008.” - Crunkbox.com

"Austin Sound"

“Haunting Oboe Music plays like the soundtrack to a psychologically twisted avant-garde film, exploring dark recesses perhaps best left repressed, but once unsettlingly brought forward, unavoidable to ignore.” - Austinsound.net

"The Onion"

"Haunting Oboe Music pours just about everything but it's titular instrument into the mix, creating moody music too cinematic to be dismissed as 'emo' (yet too melodramatic not to whisper it as an aside)." - The Onion

"Party Ends"

“HOM is metal for Broken Social Scene fans. Their grasp of crescendo is what makes the band great.” - Partyends.com


"2008 has these Austin indie-experimental stalwarts release an EP every single month of the damned year, but before you roll your eyes and dismiss them as overambitious twats, read this: they're knocking it out of the park." - Austinist.com

"Austin Sound Check"

"By putting out an EP each month, HOM is flexing their writing muscles as well as demonstrating their innate ability to produce. Calling the band prolific is a severe understatement and under simplification of HOM’s mission." - Austinsoundcheck.com

"The Austin Chronicle"

"What's unique about the HOM calendar approach is the way it documents a young band, that's neither haunting nor plays oboe music, in desperate search of its identity – from the Man Man-esque genre hopscotch of February's installment through the more experimental, kitchen-sink-included collages in May and August's slo-core indie rock – and slowly but surely finding it." - The Austin Chronicle Vol. 28 No. 3 September 19, 2008

"979 Represent"

Austin’s Haunting Oboe Music are one of the more original bands we’ve seen around here for some time, making intricate yet powerful indie rock. - www.979represent.com


"HOM gives me manicky sped-up visions, like a mini David Lynch movie playing in my head." - www.nitesblog.com


Unassuming, unnerving, and unsigned, Haunting Oboe Music is ready to take your face by storm. - http://www.austinist.com


Haunting Oboe Music EP (2006)
January EP (2008)
February EP (2008)
March EP (2008)
April EP (2008)
May EP (2008)
June EP (2008)
July EP (split w/ Prayer For Animals (2008))
August EP (2008)
September EP (2008)
October EP (2008)
November EP (2008)
December EP (2008)

- "The Killer Meets The Queen," "Girl Problems," "Mano The Soldier Boy," and "Ups And Downs" on 101x Next Big Thing
- "Local Live" on KVRX 91.7



Too often, bands get caught up in trying to classify themselves into one genre or another, willing to trade creativity and originality for whatever sound is popular at the time. This is not the case for Haunting Oboe Music. This band manages to avoid classification altogether, all the while crafting strange, yet remarkably catchy songs.

Many things set Haunting Oboe Music apart. Eerie vocal harmonies, contributed by the entire gang, often permeate the sometimes serene, sometimes disturbing vocal melodies of singer/keyboardist/guitarist George Cain. When added to the menacing content of Cain's lyrics, guitarist Ian Hunt's ambient 6-string patterns can be downright macabre, acting as the ghoulish glue holding the whole operation together. Then there is the occasional dual drummer assault brought on by Hunt and Nick Whitfield. Whitfield tends to handle the steady and driving rhythms of the songs. He and bassist Jared Mahoney act as the backbone for each track. Strong back beats mixed with nearly-always-improvised fills provide a dependable foundation for the rest of the band to build upon. Of course, what would be the point of pushing two drummers without a steadfast bass player? Mahoney knows when to play high and when to play low and always manages to keep things interesting. The icing on this perilous cake comes from multi-instrumentalist David Shackleford, who plays both guitar and keyboards. Shackleford's guitar lines provide many of the pivotal moments in Haunting Oboe Music's songs.

Haunting Oboe Music is fairly young. Over the three years of the band's existence, they have steadily progressed into both a formidable live band and a fresh, creative studio band. Ever the ambitious act, Haunting Oboe Music has now completed its "Typewriters & Telephones" EP a month project. These EPs have served dual purposes in challenging the band and generating press throughout the year. Set your expectations high for this band; they will not disappoint.