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The best kept secret in music


"Skratch Magazine"

Issue #85 - March 2003
serving: Ca, Az, Ny, Nj, Pa, Ma, Il, Co, Tx, Wa, Nv, and more

Nothin' Pretty About It

Ah, this rocks: an all-female rock band like The Lunachicks ro L7, but grittier and nastier-just the way I like it. Songs like "Another Long Night", "I Met Him Lastnight", and "For Fuck Sake It's Punk" make me want to cruise the streets on my motorbike (that I don't have) and go to some sleazy bar (that I'm not legally allowed to enter) and pick up some rocker girl (that I probably couldn't get in reality) and take her back to my (shared) apartment bedroom and play this CD for her. I could keep going, but I won't. So if you're tough and like female rock bands with balls (pardon the pun), then check these girls out at www.havanhabrown.com
-J. Johnson - J. Johnson

"Happy Magazine"


Leroy says: All right, I like this - 70's style stoner rock grooves with awesome production - lots of lowend and garage-sounding drums. This is sick. I don't say shit is sick very often, but this is sick. This band is from Huntington Beach, but I have never heard of them before...this is a band I should know about and so should you. They aren't signed, so look them up at havanhabrown.com to see if they will send you a copy of the Cd. Nice backward guitar solo on the song "Floored." It's like Black Sabbath and Babes in Toyland hanging out, smoking bowls, and jamming. Why can't this stuff be on the radio? If there were a God, this band would be on the radio instead of Pacifier. - Leroy

"Metal Maidens"

No. 34/December 2003

Havanha Brown are somewhere between stoner rock and punk. Some songs more than the other. All songs are loud and heavy. The angry punk shouts are Brandi Bryant's vocals. She plays lots of guitar. Vanessa Kaylor's bass playing is strong, fast and effective. On the CD Audra Mott bashes the drums. No doubt Darin Holmes will hit them as hard in the future. "It's All Your Fault" might be slower than some of the other seven songs. There are lots of chords and lots of distinct beats. What the speaker has become isn't good. Not all of it is her responsibility. In other words, "It's All Your Fault". "Floored" is deliberate during the verses. In between them, the band shows how well they can play. During the first one, we hear a cool solo from Brandi, On the second, Havanha Brown stretch out and play. You can hear the pounding drums and low end bass without any trouble here, too. There are words with this. She's impressed with a man, she has met. Under other circumstances she might have started some short of relationshep with him. But she's in a band, that must move on. Being a woman in rock wins out. Not everyone tries to make this kind of music. Most don't do it as well as Havanha Brown. internet:www.havanhabrown.com contact:brandi@havanhabrown.com
(10)=Superb (JL) - JL

"Metal Maidens"

MM#38/Dec 2004
ratings: 2=crap; 4=poor; 6=average; 8=great; 10=superb!!

Havanha Brown - Take It 'OR' Leave It (independent)

This is the new CD of Havanha Brown, that contains some old stuff as well. Ten songs with a sleazy attitude and a punky background. A slam in the face of people, who like a more polished sound, but a must for those who like it greasy and dirty. Motorhead, Rose Tattoo, Nashville Pussy, L7 and AC/DC fans will have to check this out, 'cause it rocks like hell. However it's not only dirty, sleazy rock and roll what we hear. Just listen to "Stalker", which is hot on your heels and attacking you from behind. It's a rock song with a great middle part, sounding like a bit more bluesy southern rock in the better Lynyrd Skynyrd style. After that, it returns to the better rock and roll stomper. Innovative parts, that you won't expect and which I enjoy most, changes, and now cosnistis of Brandi Bryant on vocals and guitar, Vanessa Kaylor on bass and vocals and Darin Holmes on drums. I suppose, the band is quite spectacular on stage as well, because they have that 'rock until you drop' attitude. and they already shared the stage with interresting names like Blair Bitch Project and Duane Peters & The Hunns (reviewed in this issue of MM!). There is some great guitar work at the end of "Killing Time", and "Over You" has got a great AC/DC like riff in the beginning. Forty minutes of sleaziness will kill the dull moments in your life. There are still things in life that are highly enjoyable. You have to search for them, but once you've found them, they will grab you by the balls and never let go. This album is such a treasure. Take it or leave it, it's as simple as that. I suggest that you take this chance and enjoy it! website: http://www.havanhabrown.com (9 points) (Toine van Poorten) - Toine van Poorten


Singles: Spudgun/Havanha Brown split with "It's Been Weeks"
EP's: Nothin' Pretty About It"
LP's: "Take It "OR" Leave It"


Feeling a bit camera shy


We are a dirty rock band plain and simple. What sets up apart from other bands.......2 chicks that rock more like guys. We arent a pussy pop girly band!!! Bands we like? Well this could take days! ranges from Zeppelin,Sabbath, Stones, Floyd, Rush (classic rock) to Mudhoney, Motorhead, Nirvana, Super Suckers, Jesus Lizard, Zeke, Ramones, and The Cows to name a few. On to Mazzy Star, Jim Croce, Tom Waits, Johnny Cash, hell this could never end. WE LIKE GREAT MUSIC!!!!!