Hava Vatra Mare Gi

Hava Vatra Mare Gi

 Thessaloníki, Central Macedonia, GRC

A world famous singer, 2 bands & a graphic designer perform music from Italy, ex Yugoslavia, Albania, Turkey, Greece, mixed with gypsy & rembetika songs & their multicolor discography with the flow of the 4 elements: Hava: Air (Turkish)-Vatra: Fire (Serbian)-Mare: Sea (Italian)-Gi: Earth (Greek)


Musicians from two bands, an internationally known singer and a graphic designer are transforfimg the stage into a meeting square for people and sounds, languages and rhythms, cultures and songs. 9 artists from 3 different countries in a Dionysian way performance. Traditional music from Italy, Serbia, Montenegro, Albania, Turkey, Africa, Greece is mixed with gypsy, rembetika & modern songs and blossom, together with their rich and multicolor discography with the flow of the 4 elements as background:
Hava: Air (Turkish), Vatra: Fire(Serbian), Mare: Sea (Italish), Gi: Earth(Greek)
The four elements are meeting multilingual & multicolor, having Mediterranean & Balkans as a starting point. It is a unique & special experience, a contemporary, multiethnic musical performance.
A production of monopatia (globally first: Concert Hall of Thessaloniki-Etho/Jazz festival-45th Dimitria), a new collectivist that entrances.


1. “Al Darawish” (il ponte sonoro-1992-Italy)
2. “Radio Dervish” (il manifesto-1996-Italy)
3. “Dyskola” (indie-1997, Ano Kato Records-2005-Greece)
4. “Una ratsa, mia fatsa” (fm records-1998, il manifesto-2000-Italy)
5. “Nekada” (indie-2000-France, Goraton Records-2010-Montenegro)
6. “Next big thing” (participation, Pop& Rock-1998-Greece)
7. “Protes Giortes” (Ano Kato Records-2005-Greece)
8. “Erasitechnes Erastes” (participation, Ano Kato Records-2007-Greece)
9. “The Story Teller” (paricipation, Puzzle Muzic-2007)
10. “Virtual Strangers” (Musica Universalis-2007)
11. “Domino” (Music Mirror-2008-Greece)

Set List

(Total Duration 84')

1. Intro/There's a Pray (5')
     (introductory Manifesto / Italian-Armaneasti-Albanian-Serbian-Turkish-French-English-Greek Poem of G. Michailidis)

2. Ola Idia (3')
     (Unreleased Greek-Serbian song of Protes Giortes)

3. Sto choro/Jovano (7')
     (X Darawish song / Traditional song of FYROM)

4. Femine/Epanastasi (6'30”)
     (Traditional song of