Have Mercy Las Vegas

Have Mercy Las Vegas

 Glasgow, Scotland, GBR

A lively and energetic band, playing a modern mix of folk and blues based music. Energetic and passionate live performances together with a real sense of enjoyment on stage show why this band are e of the most sought after acts on the Scottish Festival Circuit.


"When a previously unheard-of band comes to my attention with an iridescent, unique sound it’s definitely sit up and take notice time"

To set your expectations, Think deep Scottish roots, razor sharp Americana, trad and contemporary Appalachia embellished with touches of folk and country blues – do that and you’re halfway there. To complete the picture, add blisteringly tight musicianship and perfectly interlaced harmonies. The reviews of the debut album have been well received, but it's the frenetic and passionate live shows that set these guys apart from the rest. The upbeat numbers will have you stomping your feet, but even in the slower, more melodic songs the band has an energy about them that's hard not to get drawn in by.

Have Mercy Las Vegas have built a faithful following and a solid reputation as one of the most talked about acts on the Scottish Festival circuit. Throughout 2015 HMLV stormed through a series of 14 Festivals, including main stage performances at Hebridean Celtic Festival, Kelburn Garden Party and Brew at the Bog. Further highlights included a highly commended performance at Celtic Connections and a televised set at Belladrum Tartan heart broadcast on BBC Alba.

Television wasn't limited to Belladrum, the band twice appeared on STV Glasgow flagship program Riverside and opened the 2014 series Rapal again on BBC Alba, with 4 more appearances on the show. A further milestone for the band was the breakthrough to national radio. Locally, they were well received on Radio Clyde, Amazing Radio and numerous other Scottish programmes, however AirPlay on Dermot O'Learys show on BBC Radio 2 brought their music to a whole new audience.

The foundation of the successes in 2015 was built on the late 2014 release of the debut album "That's Life". 2 years in the making, the record was released to excellent reviews and a sold out album launch barn dance.

After an exciting period touring the album the band are always encouraged by continuously raising the bar year on year and are already writing new music in preparation for what the future brings. 


HMLV - EP 2012

That's Life - Album 2015

Set List

Have Mercy Las Vegas can perform a set of up to an hour of their own material from our EP and Album, together with newly written songs. Where required for longer performances this can be augmented with popular covers to bring 2 sets of 45 mins to 1 hour each.