Haven James

Haven James


Acoustic soul-filled rock and roll with the passion of the blues and the freedom of indie-rock.


Arizona has historically been known to produce several innovative artists that regularly set the bar for other acts to follow. There is no exception when it comes to Scottsdale-based quartet, Haven James. With powerful, wide-open vocals over an acoustic purity and a dynamic rhythm section, Haven James has been winning over audiences since 2006. The omnipresent vocals possess intelligent harmonies and a meaningful message while maintaining a pure balance of delicate guitar solos and distinct rhythm patterns. Audiences, new and old, will discover that their songs are intimate glimpses of love, vulnerability and what happens after “happily ever after.”

Early 2007 marked the release of Haven James’ first CD, Rusty’s Waltz – a collection of perennial fan favorites such as “Promise to Try” and “Six Conversations” complemented by newer recordings like “Turn the Light.” The album was produced by award-winning record producer Otto D’Agnolo whose work includes projects with artists ranging from Waylon Jennings to DMX. The album title itself is an informal homage to D’Agnolo whose college nickname was Rusty.

Also in 2007, Haven James was only 1 of 20 artists worldwide selected to play the exclusive Sedona Jam Festival in Sedona, Arizona. Later that year, they were one of the featured artists for the 2007 Phoenix Film Festival and were one of a handful of local artists picked to be on Alice Cooper’s annual Christmas compilation, “A Taste Of Christmas Pudding”.

Early 2008 brought a Phoenix Music Award nomination (best female singer/songwriter) and summer of 2008 marked the release of Haven James’ first single, “Steady Lies”, which won a 2008 Phoenix Music Award (Single of the Year). The song is also included on their newest album, Things We Thought We Knew, which was released in the fall of 2008. The album was recorded at SoundVision Recording by Michael Beck and is evidence of Haven James’ continued commitment to intelligent songwriting and dramatic melodies.

With the release of their latest album and an ambitious upcoming schedule performing at several of the region’s most popular music festivals, many believe that Haven James is poised to make an even bigger impact in the Arizona music scene in 2009.

Haven James is:
Jen Powelson – vocals, rhythm guitar
Bob Hermes – lead acoustic guitar
Drew Tedford – percussion
Stephanie Bianchi - bass, vocals

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Six Conversations

Written By: Jen Powelson

The bonfire was raging, fueling this lust
A handful of ashes and a handful of trust
I severed my ties to find my way home
I swallowed my lies now I’m living alone
The tip of my tongue bitten by fear
Wish I knew what you wanted to hear
I have something to say but it’s in my way
I might grow but I’m scared of the gray

Six conversations not a word was said
Every word transpired inside of my head
Everything I tried to say came out broken
Six conversations and not a word was spoken

You deserve more I’m so afraid
The truth lies there in the love that we made
I just stare and don’t make a sound
One foot in the air and the other on the ground

Six conversations not a word was said
Every word transpired inside of my head
Everything I tried to say came out broken
Six conversations and not a word was spoken

You have the fire I’m feeling the rain
Somehow hot and cold are numbing the pain
The bonfire is looming to counter the night
I am silent bound by my fright

Turn The Light

Written By: Jen Powelson

And the truth is so damn easy
You are not enough for me
And when the walls came tumbling down
The truth was all I could see
My daddy never loved me much
My mother went insane
I guess I got the worst of it
Watching life go down the drain
Turn the light on
Turn the light off
I'm so ugly inside
I've lost my mind
Turn the light off
Turn the light on
It's not about you
It's what I had to do
My blood burns with fire
But my heart is cold as stone
The razor's edge marks the scars
It's the only love I've ever known
So your light just faded
Deserts lie-ask a mirage
And I was so damn thirsty
From an expert life at sabotage
Through all the years and tears between
I still don't know what love means
I risked it all, I'm so obscene
I still don't know what love means
I'll make myself immortal
All their eyes will be on me
It's not about the beauty babe
It's the ugly that's inside of me

Kill Me Now

Written By: Jen Powelson

There are no clouds in your sky
You shine so bright it hurts my eyes
You're cool to the touch
So quick to burn
Why won't I learn?
A heads up penny on a sidewalk line
I broke my back trying to make you mine
Now I can't feel a thing
Except that sting of my vanity
Hear me

Kill me now
Make it quick
Do it right
So that it sticks
I've got to face it I just wasted my whole life
That's my sacrifice

You're like liquid hard to hold
I sealed the deal and I sold my soul
Now I can't take it back, free the flood
I signed in blood
Your shadow's still upon my wall
I'd swear it stands at least ten feet tall
And it hides who you are and what you've done
You're not the only one

Kill me now
Make it quick
Do it right
So that it sticks
I've got to face it I just wasted my whole life
Now who pays the price?


Things We Thought We Knew released October 2008
Rusty's Waltz released February 2007
Six Conversations released 2005

streaming audio available on www.myspace.com/havenjames

Set List

Original Songs

Steady Lies
Time We Wasted
Jackie's Star
Needles and Smoke
Falling Over
Signals We Mix
Shades Of Gray
Turn The Light
Promise To Try
Alright Tonight
Kill Me Now
Six Conversations
More Than I
Letting It Go
The Beautiful
Safe For Me

Jolene - Dolly Parton/White Stripes
Never Been To Spain - Three Dog Night
Right Through You - Alanis Morissette
Down So Long - Jewel
Breakin Up Somebody's Home - Ann Peebles
Every Little Bit - Patty Griffin
Lemondrops And Clovers - Jewel
Joey - Concrete Blonde
Sweet Dreams - Eurythmics
Pink - Aerosmith
Don't Think Twice, It's Alright - Bob Dylan
The Difficult Kind - Sheryl Crow
The Man Who Sold The World - David Bowie