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North Conway, New Hampshire, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2005 | INDIE

North Conway, New Hampshire, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2005
Band Country Rock




"Magnificent music for the lovers of first-class"

Reviewer: Baerchen Records
Magnificent music for the lovers of first-class, the "rural" currents of the Southern of skirt very close standing, magnifying glass-pure, of a full sound of guitar coined/shaped, Countryrock: competently, strong, knackig, harmoniously, freshly and very melodisch! Haven Quint is an excellent guitarist, a singer and a outstanding Songwriter from the overslept tourist nest North Conway in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, which enjoys a great call long into and around Nashville, both among musician colleagues, and among the fans! On its Debut album Quint with one brilliert both herzerfrischenden, and timeless and classical synthesis from "juicy" Southern skirt plants and more knackiger Countryrock /New Country culture, which he on its homepage selbstbewussr, and probably somewhat proudly, when "The designates new sound OF Country skirt". It may do that also, because indeed with the disk a wonderful mixture of elements of such Southern icons succeeds to it, how Lynyrd Skynyrd and the Outlaws, and those of such new Country sizes as for example Montgomery Gentry, Jeffrey Steele, Confederate Railroad, Blackhawk and above all also Brooks & Dunn! As said, Haven Quint is an immensely strong guitarist, who again and again intersperses strong, marvelous Soli and also with an uncommonly spicy, glowing Slide play convinced. At all the musicians involved entwickelen, and in addition belong a few absolute Hochkaraeter (e.g. Jeff King: Guitar/Larry Beaird: Gitare, banjo/Scotty of sanders: Steel, Lap Steel/Gary prime: Key board/Larry Franklin: Fiddle), a class, very full, multilayered guitar dominance, (again and again supplemented by the other instruments pleasantly), whereby Quint, particularly with Nashville size Jeff King at the second guitar, lets this marvelous Southern Feeling develop by duellierende Lead guitars, mad sounds of twin and fiery Soli. In addition still this clean, strong, clear voice, which radiates so much melody, and for this kind southern rooted of the Countryocks to be almost suited seems. Also each quantity has Biker Flair! Loosely geht's with the magnificent "Keep on rollin ' tons of Memphis", a full, knackigen Southern Countryrocker propelled by strong e-guitars, inclusive of marvelous, glowing Slide passages, which shows certain musical soul distorting shank immediately to country oriented Skynyrd or Van Zants. Mad melody! Radiates besides a tremendous freshness, at the same time in addition, a somehow ungezuegeltes and unencumbered "on the road Outlaw Feeling"! In the wonderful "I make love ME" ago carries forward us Quint can't and its friends on a wonderful, loose "ride", along the endless Highways of the south, by the Carolina States, Georgia or Alabama. Which for more greatly, accurately the interface, a leave, liquid drive appropriate between the Outlaws and Blackhawk! Mad ones (Slide)Gitarren and a exzellente melody meet again in the middle in the new Country /Southern Countryrock heart! The following "Nascar superstar" is more sharp-edged, fatter, bluesig groovender Southernrocker with "thick" Slide Licks and spicy Lead guitars, before it becomes with the strong "Have it all" clearly country more lastiger, but not less knackig,: That is fantastically more melodischer, marvelously in the ear hangs lasting, flockiger Countryrock in very best Brooks & Dunn tradition! A transparent, vollmundig sounding sound of guitar, class an integrated piano, a December duck Fiddle and bear-strong singing determine the scenery! Is in the best way suitable for an expanded Cabrio Cruise by the widths of the American southwest! From the same caliber the following, quick "I is don't know what tons say" - again clearly Kix Brooks and Ronnie Dunn let greet! Thus continuously strongly, until the album already after, unfortunately much to short, scarcely 36 minutes (however those have it stop in itself) with the exzellenten, southern fueled the Countryrock Ballade "The goes long road" just as outstanding continues to end, as it had begun. Class twin guitar Licks, branch-pure of Southern reef, one prima melody and a steaming Slide solo do not leave desires open! Class an album! That is juicier, more knackiger, with prima melodies durchzogener, Southern soaked guitar Countryrock of the extra class to be able to up-mix with the clear potential, even the Nashville Charts - if the Bur major Deal had to arrive and thus the chance in the radio! It does not have however incomprehensible-proves! How also is, into the imaginary Countryrock Charts of our heart er's - and there surely not at the rear places rum "duempelt", completely in the opposite... - mad mood always created! - Jürgen Thomä Germany

"Already again a new star at the Country skirt sky"

Already again a new star at the Country skirt sky, this time from a corner, for such music now really does not admit would be: New Hampshire. Sei's drum, this Haven Quint has anyhow a quantity of musical arguments, which it represents with its Telecaster vehement. Juicy and knackig immediately the first Song "Keep on Rollin ' ton of Memphis" jumps in the hearing, with geilen Slides and one is astonished, also organ sounds, under-painted. After scarcely two and a half minutes the first guitar statement, that really impresses. This TRACKS hat's fist-thickly behind the ears, one can reserve that confidently for all times! In this kind and class geht's also further. "I Can't Make Love ME" demonstrates ago then, as perfectly one an accent (the out new England) by another to replace knows - in this case the ' Southern Drawl '. There is only one direction also here - forward. Rockige, dirty guitar, vertrackter rhythm, Slidegitarren - the "Nascar superstar" turns reliably its rounds and remains nothing guiltily, including a Hommage at Jimmy Johnson. With the plates text line "You're working hard all day ton make the payments on the car, the money you make don't seem ton go very far..."- the Blueser would have sung: "...woke UP this morning, my baby left without A warning..."-" Have It universe starts ", who by-hears at linguistic Plattitueden, its bright joy has also at this Song. The happening pulls on the listener past like a heavy Mack Truck on the Freeway. Clearly gibt's with "Song For You" also times a short stop at the Truckstop, where then the Country basis out-seems sparkling. Haven Quint classifies its music as Country skirt, it is however more than ' only ' that, rather a complete, sharply peppered Rock'n'Roll menu of the culinary special class. With the sensitive sounds of the Midtempo midtempo-Reissers "The Long Road" the plate ends, which one can make only one reproach: With scarcely 36 minutes that failed simply too briefly. Remains hoping, that Haven Quint has still more such hochkaraetigen arrows in the koecher, which it can shoot gladly as soon as possible on us. Haven Quint wrote all Songs themselves and although taken up to Nashville and produces, it goes around sent the cliffs of the sound of the Country capital of this world - here nothing gets caught in suesslichen sounds. That mix united skillfully the many instruments, those are nevertheless three electrical guitars, Banjo, acoustic guitar, Bass, Fiddle, Steel guitar, Drums, Percussion, Piano, B3 organ and key board. There one - straight on a debut - could make much wrong, but neither an overproduction still another Geschrammel of a garage production are to be heard. It fits simply everything. Since this failed also klanglich convincingly, there can be only the recommendation, to sound oneself at least this Songs times. Could be good, that the spark jumps over immediately. On the Artist Website gibt's the appropriate sound examples of each TRACK. - Manfred and Liane Germany

"Haven Quint"

Haven Quint - Haven Quint (2005) **** 1/2
Debut disk of the Rock'n roll/new Country Outlaws with a sound of class in 1a production and mad Songs! Few debut disks of artists, who take up TN to Nashville,, sound so unspent freshly and exempted from any routine of the new Country scene completely. Haven Quint wrote all numbers alone and, some first-class Songs succeeded to him! ' Keep on Rollin ' down tons of Memphis ' has e.g. things to a genuine Hymne! It earns these CD together with the last Van Zant CD ' GET right With The one ', the Drivin ' Sideways CD by 1996 or Smith & Harley's ' Ride ton of Live ' to be called. In addition a small, fine shot trace Adkins and Blackhawk and finished is a convincing debut! Mad, highly transparent, pressureful production. It remains hoping only that one will hear types of this in the future still much more. - Capricorn Records Germany

"I'm totally blown away"

I'm totally blown away by Haven's amazing talent. "Keep On Rollin' To Memphis" is my favorite song from this album. Although all of them are awesome, this one stands out. The lyrics and the beat of the music make you feel the words behind the song. All the songs from this album really touch your heart and soul. I think that's what music is all about. Being a dj myself, I've played anything from Patsy Cline, Hank Williams, Dolly Parton to Tim McGraw, Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift. I think Haven and his band have other artists in the country music industry running for their money.
- Kristie Lymburner


A good description of HAVEN QUINT'S style of music is a cross between well known artists Montgomery Gentry and Brooks & Dunn. The music is country rock!







The entire CD is broadcasted during race events at Oxford Plains Speedway, Oxford Maine

See the video of Haven's song "Nascar Superstar" on the show "Nascar Live" on the Speed TV Channel.

Listen to the music on the internet web-radio stations: www.bandradio.com, www.goldenflash.be (Belgium) and www.radiosiljan.com (Sweden)
www.loveourmusic.com "Tomorrow's Dreams Show" (USA)




On October 21, 2007 Haven Quint was honored to accept two prestigious awards for his music from the NHCMA. He won the category "Album of the Year" for his self titled CD "Haven Quint" and the songwriting category "Songwriter of the Year" These awards will move him on to the North America Country Music Association's music contest, scheduled for March 2008 in Pigeon Forge, TN.

These awards are confirmation that this is a MUST HAVE CD!

HAVEN QUINT wins Honorary Award in the 13th Billboard World Music Contest. Haven was amoung the top 500 in the world!!! He is an extremely talented musician and songwriter who has the ability to take you into a song and make you feel it, both lyrically and musically.

Haven wins Honor Award in the 7th Annual Great American Song Contest.