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"Professional & Peer Reviews"

"Naughty Bites
raw, poking coughs
Warm Round Open Tones
Guarded Secret flung toward heart
with pleasing finish.
Very pleasing"
~Daniel Bedingfield
(International Recording Artist)

"The first time I heard Ms. Veritas performing her work, I fell in love with it and immediately asked her to feature for me at both my venues. Everyone present enjoyed it. We were mesmerized by her voice and words. I'm a fan for life!"
~Paul Sexton
(Host for Mocha Lux and Mad Swirl/Poet/Author)

"I think your poetry got me pregnant last night."
~John "Survivor" Blake
(Award Winning Slam Poet)

"Haven's voice is like warm rain from heaven that washes over your senses. Her sultry delivery draws you in with phrasing that's delicious, yet simple. Her fresh look is surprisingly wholesome, it barely shrouds the intensity you know she could unleash. She makes your heart want to beat a bit harder."
~Tryce Czyczynska
(Writer & Spoken Word Artist
Co-Founder of 51%-A Woman's Place Is In Politics
Award Winning Host of Coffee & Conversation with Cool Women)

"I became an instant fan of Haven after reading a couple of her poems. She opened a new way of poetic consciousness that I was longing for, and I knew I had to book her as a feature at my venue to expose my audience to her work and her brilliance. When Haven delivered her poetry, words became clouds, the sound of her voice became angels floating on those clouds, and the ears of the audience became born-again with life and light. Haven's poetry wraps around you like the embrace of a first love and takes you to a higher plain where your feet never touch the ground. I truly believe Haven has all the making of a poetic superstar, a star with a bright light that will never fade or die."
Militant X. Amerikkkan,
(Co-host/Booking Agent for the
Dallas Poetry Slam/Slam Poet)

"Haven Veritas is the epitome of a professional, as well as the intersection between art and entertainment. Her work appeals to several demographics for one simple fact, her poetry is the Truth (with a capital T)."
~Amoja "The Mo-Man" Sumler
(Award Winning Slam Poet)

"With a humble and gracious approach, the beautiful Haven Veritas' poetic works are quite certainly a treat for any occasion. It's her vulnerability that draws you in and her brilliance that keeps you there!"
~Mina Holladay
(On the Soapboxx with Mina Holladay Radio Show)

"Haven is a tremendous poet and performance artist. Her hypnotic voice lures you in and holds you breathless as she paints vivid pictures with words. If you are given the chance to see her in person, this is not an opportunity to be missed!"
~Christopher Shawn Barker
(Slam Poet, World Poetry Slam)

"If I listen to one more poem by Haven...she WILL get some of my sweet nookie."
~Tavis Brunson
(Award Winning Poet & President of the Southeastern Chapter of the Haven Veritas Fan Club)

"I first saw Haven perform at Elevated, a premier Spoken Word poetry venue here in San Diego. I was really drawn in by the softness of her voice, as were others that were seated around me. We all were lulled into a hypnotic state as we listened to her perform. The piece she read was subtle yet powerful at the same time. She could have been reading a McDonald's Dollar Menu and I think it would have had the same effect on me. In the realm of Slam style poetry...where a boisterous inflection of the voice comes standard and is pretty much expected from every performance, Haven stood out miles above the rest with her refreshingly original performance style. She may have the face and voice of and angel, but she also possesses a surprising edginess that makes people take notice. She definitely has star quality!"
~Renee BlackStar
(Slam Poet)

Haven is really talented! I have never heard poetry so passionate and innovative. Her voice paints a picture that only your wildest imagination could conceive. Check her out it will be well worth the experience.
~Theresa Cerullo
(Founder of The Water Network)
- Various



"Lonely as I am"

"Because, I love you"


"Escape Clause"

"George Stephenson's Mother"


"Sweet Dreams"

"The Battle"



I guess we could go into all the various accolades and accomplishments. Yes, she has featured at some of the most exclusive venues out there. For example, she was the:

*Featured Performer at such prestigious venues as the historic Absinthe Lounge,

*the Featured Performer at the Dallas Poetry Slam alongside HBO Def Poetry Jam's Rock Baby,

*the Featured Performer at the Mochalux open mic night,

*the Featured Performer at Dallas' own MadSwirl;

but the bottom line is this.

~If you have ever wondered what goes on in the mind of a single, glistening dust mote...

~If you have ever made a dare to the Universe...

~If you have ever loved someone so much you wished they had short term memory loss...

~If you have ever run like hell was chasing you...

~If you have ever spent the night on the green grass kissing it better...

~If you have ever wanted someone to give your heart a stutter...

then Haven Veritas is your girl.

Actively performing since 2008, Haven's schedule has been a whirlwind of nightclubs and radio shows. It gave birth to a rabid following of not only poetry aficionados, but other names in the entertainment industry as well. To see what everybody's saying, check out the professional and peer reviews under Press.