Hawaiian Lyon

Hawaiian Lyon

 Ventura, California, USA

Lyon Rowland, singer songwriter, producer,drummer and engineer. A cultural fusion of Latin African, Polynesian Filipino and American Music. This consists of ROOTS, ROCK, REGGAE & DUB. Electronic dance music with Heavy bass.Creator & mcee of DubstepKings and D.U.I. drums under influence.


Lyon Rowland -aka Hawaiian Lyon
Hawaiian Lyon an accomplished composer,vocalist,has studied around the world, through life's adventures and natures schooling. A master drummer/percusionist of worldbeat music is spining the pendulum of time singing his unique vocal styles creating his own signatures.Studying under one of the best engineers in the world "The Scientist",creator of Dub music from KIngston Jamaica -KIng Tubbys studio.Hawaiian Lyon has played in music genres like: Reggae ,Worldbeat.PunkRock,Yoga Meditation, and now Electronic Dubstep music..Upmosthigh Records has been Lyons backbone of his success since 1988.In the early 90's he finished 3-5 albums as well as creating a Speakeasy,underground dance community called LYONS DEN ,Newyork, San francisco, & Los angeles.
Fashion,Live art and painting,dj's,mcees,and Visionaries put together under one roof !! a brilliant creation of the minds to the body of the massives.Dance ,movement and Aloha is Lyons Logic!
2009 Dubstep Kings was created as a freestyle platform for mcees and dj's - LET the Music Speak for itself ,with Space for singers, & rappers..DubstepKings pefomed all year at festivals whether they were on the flyer or not at ; Mystic Garden,Lightning in a bottle,Symbiosis,Big bounce,High Sierra , All Burningman decompression parties,as well as Burningman2010 with FreQ Nasty ,David Starfire,Mochipet,Geno Cochino,SpaceIsland,and more..Lyon Works with Alex Grey and The Temple of Visions in downtown la & the Hive...UNDERGROUND !! OVERGROUND -Upmosthigh Records is ready to present D.U.I (Drums Under Influence)to the Universe !! Planet Dub where this ship of D.U.I. comes from has sent thier Circus Musical Dance Visionaries on a Quest to present & create an adventure of Dance ,Fire,Live Musicians,Fashion,acrobats and vocalist in an amazing 1 1/2 hour show with an ALL STAR CAST of versatile (best of the best)ARTIST......BOOKING NOW ! ! 2011. see you at the burn "Rights of Passage".



The Lover's Rock of the West Coast,-Latino--Hawaiian-Filipino-Jamaican Reggae music.The Hawaiiano, Dubbed into Space,by the Legends of Reggae Music. Born in 1970, Dreadlock Neftali, with family from Hawaii and the Mainland. A world traveler, he has studied with college under his belt of cultural and American music. Drums and percussion (African, Latino, Cuban , Nyabingi, and Island Drumming), with some of the best drummers,in the world. Elders of Reggae, shamans, and Legendary Rastafarian-Poet-Original RAS Michael's Nyabingi Specialist. Singer, songwriter, Lyon Rowland -"Roars like The Conquering Lion of Judah" .The Music Connection and HighTimes in 1999 says,""" Humanity and Love""", is What Hawaiian Lyon stands for, with his upmosthigh respect for Jah,and his need to repatuate the public on Medicinal Cannabis .

Starting his Record label in 1988, Upmosthigh Records was on the road to Zion. In 1994, Lyon re- introduced the first of his many CDs" LYON EYES",with hits like"Sweet Sexy Lady"'and Winner of HighTimes music contest, " Let It Grow",while building his All- Star band, The Ragga SoulJahs, (4) albums with the help of Thomas Walker and Hopeton Brown a.k.a. "The Scientist", All-Star Engineer from Kingston, Jamaica's King Tubby's Channel One Studios. In that time Lyon has gone on tour with Legendary singers and bands like: Eek-A-Mouse,War,Lester Chambers, Don Carlos, Ras Michael,General Jah Mikey, Aswad, Mikey Dread, U-Roy, Franky Paul, The Itals, Sugar Minott, Matisyahu, Dub Cat, H.R. of Bad Brains, Slightly Stoopid Fishbone,Mrs Triniti, TrulioDiscrasious, Mr.Green All-Stars,Horce Andy, Mr.Beenie, Rekrap,Banyon, E-40, and many others. Festivals like: Sierra Nevada Music Festival,SunSpash tour,Bob Marly day Birthday Celebration, Mt.Fugi Fest Japan, High Times Cannabis Fest Amstardam,Playboy Jazz fest,HempFest in Washington,Hawaiian Sea Splash Reggae ,and many many more.Now the owner of Upmosthigh Records,and Owner of the Wild Wild West Reggae Dub Tour .www.myspace.com/dubtour., upmosthigh.com.www.myspace.com/hlyonmusic.

A child of the sun, armed with his Aloha Spirit, Hawaiian Lyon released his much acclaimed most recent album, "Walking On A Red Road," in 2003. Engineered once again by the Scientist, with hits like "Walking on A Red Road" and "Mi Infamera de N


DubstepKings with Az RedSmoke -remix 2010
Truliodisgracias -with Pfunk,Fishbone,Red hot Chillipeppers 2009
Human Rights with H.R. of badbrains
Mr. Green Allstars -H.R & Lyon of Bad Brains 2005
eek-a -mouse -Black Cowboy 96
Mikey Dread 97
Walking on a Red Road 2003
Scientist & Lyon "Lost In Space Dub" 2000
Ragga Soul JAH "Pure Life" -Costa Rica 1998
Ragga Soul JAH No Babylon 1996
Ragga Soul JAH Meets Scients 2010 Dub Odyssey1992-94
Hawaiian Lyon "Caution " 1992
Scientist and Lyon Highway Dub. 1990
Lyon eyes 88

Set List

1 Hour Set. -11/2
Walking on a red road,night nurse (spanish version),two heads are better than one,sweet sexy lady,dreadlocks,peaple get ready,fire,monkey,Let it grow!,I need a friend.Pura vida,One love,Giving thanx and praises.Puff a-lot,caution,peace&love,and Islands .Live at the Dancehall,Hey girl.