HAWC & The F.E.W.

HAWC & The F.E.W.


Experience the eclectic rubber-band that can keep your attention with a twist of funk-rock giving a nod to hip-hop, classic R&B, jazz and blues still including enough fun to draw pop fans as well; but wait there's more! You gotta hear these guys deliver SO much FLEXcellence - Why NOT hire them?


With 20+ years of music experience, vicious keyboard production laced with solid vocals, HAWC delivers a sound that appeals to many ears without losing that authentic sound of Gospel, Funk, Jazz, Rock, Blues, Dance, Pop or even Hip-Hop / R&B. Since age 5, he's written & composed songs for not only church, but corporate venues, community events, lounges and clubs. Respecting any occasion, his music sticks to a theme intended to inspire better living; a consistant theme since he began in the children's choir lead by his mother. While excelling in sports at Gahanna Lincoln High (Gahanna,Ohio), he also graduated from Fort Hayes School of the Arts as a Vocal Music Major only to pass up sport scholarships to pursue music opportunities with national & international exposure as the MD for some, accompanist for others, as well as the featured artist on a tour that took him from L.A. to Bermuda. He continues to lead various Churches as a musician, worship leader, vocalist, producer, and writer. He's oppenned for many well known Gospel artists, and dazzled the judges in a host of talent shows.

Whether live or recorded, HAWC has a rare gift to be timely eclectic. At any venue, with his music expression, he aims to meet people where they are and take them for a ride with mutual, inspirational enjoyment. His ministry efforts are expansive, including fund raisors for his son & other people challenged with cerebral palsy and other special needs produced by brain trama. HAWC also pursues organizing aid for various music departments of other ministries as needed. While he's able to appropriately rock the coffee shops, jazz lounges, blues, rock or Gospel fests; he's still just as effective in a church conference or service event. In 2007 he was ordained and began promoting his latest recordings and has had several songs hit the top 10 charts of broadjam.com (WorldWide internet site for independant artists). To enhance promoting this dynamic artistic ministry, HAWC is accompanied by his band The FEW - The Faithful Eclectic WARshippers. The F.E.W is a supportive, revolving cast of musicians to help drive the mission & vision of HAWC. There are 4 tiers to the F.E.W., (1)HAWC solo; (2)DYNAMIC DUO [HAWC & AC on sax]; (3)DYNAMIC TRIO [HAWC, AC, & guitarist] or (4)the WHOLE CREW (HAWC, AC, Don Day, Drummer & maybe other keys, bass with additional vocals). No matter what form you witness, together they can fuse and relate to people of various cultures, denominations, generations, or economic backgrounds; connecting them all on common ground, for a Just Cause. HAWC & The F.E.W. - Timely eclectic and could provoke just the stimulus you've been looking for.

HAWC is lead vocals, keytar, synth bass & aux programming / A.C. Collins - Sax / Don Day - lead guitar / Jimmie Sheopard - rythm guitar / Gerald Haizley - Drums & Keys / Kyra Curenton - Drums

BATTLE CRY vol 1"Loud & Clear" / Audible Art (Instrumental Jazz & some bonus Ballads) / Ring Finger (Ballads - weddings, dating, testimonial etc). Various songs from BATTLE CRY are now streamed on www.UGMN.com

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BATTLE CRY vol 1"Loud & Clear" / Audible Art (Instrumental Jazz & some bonus Love Songs) / Ring Finger (Love songs for weddings, dating etc). Various songs from BATTLE CRY are now streamed on www.UGMN.com

Set List

We cater our setlists for each event, we prefer material from the HAWC recordings, but we do have an assortment of covers that we include as well. Coverered artists range from Fed Hammond, Toby Mac, Kirk Franklin, to Michael W. Smith, PhilipsCraig & Dean. Also cover artists such as PRINCE, COMMODORES, Michael & Janet Jackson, Stevie Wonder, The System, New Edition, many others.