Hawk and Dove

Hawk and Dove

 New York City, New York, USA

We have been likened to Wilco's loud distortion and calm. While lyrically we have been called painfully thoughtful - in the vein of Bright Eyes or Ted Hughes. Like Abel whispering lullabies to Cain, the psychedelic country sound of Hawk and Dove is tenderness before the fury.


Like Abel whispering lullabies to Cain, the psychedelic country sound of Hawk and Dove is tenderness before the fury. After discovering his voice as a songwriter, Elijah Miller left his life as a Union Organizer and called upon guitarist John Kleber to help craft his sound. The two soon met Stephanie Sanders, an accomplished pianist who had recently thrown her jazz degree in the East River and picked up a bass guitar. With the recent addition of multi-instumentalist and vocalist Eleanor Whitmore and the lovely violin of Rachel Lyon, Sanders’ melodic lines navigate the tempest of Kleber’s guitar; together bearing Miller’s lyrics into an unquiet sea. In late November of 2008, Hawk and Dove forged an anchor with veteran New York drummer and session musician Dave Butler. Together with Sanders, Butler judges when to allow the music of Hawk and Dove to whisper, scream, melt through the cracks or explode into the sky.

From The Mercury Lounge and the Living Room in Manhattan, to The Bell House and Union Hall in Brooklyn, Hawk and Dove continue to play regularly in New York City’s most distinguished venues. They have headlined several benefit concerts including 2008’s Groinstrong-a-Thong for Skin Cancer awareness, and the 2009 Brooklyn Greenway Initiative. Hawk and Dove recently appeared in a television pilot written and produced by the Upright Citizen’s Brigade sketch group Side Car, which premiered the summer of 2009 at the New York Television festival. At the end of 2009 Hawk and Dove were nominated by Deli Magazine for The Best Emerging Band of 2009.

Hawk and Dove’s three song EP, Rocking Chair, was recorded in the winter of 2008 at Tin Can Labs in Brooklyn. Hawk and Dove are currently looking for someone who wants to pay for their first record to be produced. In the meantime they are working on a rock opera.



Written By: Hawk and Dove

half smoked cigarettes and fire escapes
and the dried old paint where lovers have laid
leave a mark on the city's face
like love and blood leave permanent stains

now if you see me and im naked just don't tell me that im shamed
I could eat any fruit, I will take any blame
if the serpent or the god would just change my name
to one that leaves a permanent stain

So we lay on the bed sheets, I might laugh you might cry
but who are we kidding we both know that we've lied
like as close as we get we're still empty inside
but we tried and realized that we can't say goodbye

and now im standing in the shadows
of better writers and falling towers
and a love like yours
that has refused to dissarm

now I'm posing for a picture
because i hope that there is something
that will one day be seen as more,
than this never-ending blurry nothing

like drowning in a wishing well thats
filled with ways we want to change ourselves
all this desire and no way to tell
which secrets are worth fighting for

now we've been boiling frogs just to see if its true,
and we watch to make sure that they're like me and you
they just sit there and don't seem to mind what we do
like the pot that they're holds more truth than they do

there's red in the sky seeping into the night
if you belive what they tell you, it will be alright
but the truth is im jealouse and though I might act polite
im not giving up, im not finished, not quite

so give me a, half smoked cigarette on a fire escape
and you can stain what you want if it means I can stay
if you please, if you love me don't send me away
and I promise ill try to make up a stain

while I've been noticing more symptoms
everyday that's filled with boredom
so ill try anything you've got or
maybe all I need is sleep because

ive heard your innocent in dreamland
and since I can't remember when the last
time I was I've been there, ill follow
you into the deep end, and we'll go

swimming in that wishing well
that's filled with ways we want to change ourselves
take all of the copper desire to melt
a stain i will give, just to you


Rocking Chair EP, November 2008

Set List

a typical 1 hour set might include:

furious armies
the space between
muscle breaks
grey parade
gunpowder heart
boy on the moon
how she became a tree
song for l cohen
some hotel
the oxygen undrground