Hawk and the Hoods

Hawk and the Hoods


Acoustic flavoured alternative/rock/blues trio with a wide gener and style combining a little influence of punk/metal/country into the back ground as well. I guess there's even classical influences there to. Hawk is an amazing songwriter and it is our pleasure to play for you. (Drummer Jeff Lamers)


Three long time friends and three diverse musical backgrounds collaborated, forming Hawk and the Hoods in July of 2005. Hawk: vocals/guitar, Rob DeBruyne: bass & Jeff Lamers: drums. Before the creation of this diverse sound, never before had Hawk and Jeff ever dreamed of getting together to jam. Though they've been friends for years, their musical tastes had always clashed. Rob has played with both of them in various bands but never in the same one. Until now! Hawk has a generally natural approach in song writing. Though he is a bold and extreme to the point singer song/writer. His song writing is as enjoyable to play as it is catchy to listen to. Rob has a powerful, eccentric soul with ability and talent. He is as complicated as he is simple. With Hawk's influences in punk/alternative music, Jeff's rock groove and together with Rob’s funky bass, finally sat down. And a marvellous thing happened. An alternative rock sound with folk acoustic flavour, a twist of blues and punk was created. A sound that works and music that flows.


Wait EP 2007 - 5 songs
A Compilation 2009 - 24 songs

Set List

01 the Lake
02 So Lonely
03 Ordinary Man
04 Bushel of Lies
05 Constant State of Worry
06 Lump of Clay
07 My Fault
08 Hold me Down
09 The Rocks
10 Red Line
11 You Don't Own Me
12 Cardinal Song
13 Man in Black
14 One I Love
15 Don't Wanna Be Alone
16 Wait (Acoustic)
17 3 moments (Acoustic)
18 In the End (Acoustic)
19 Demon Inside
20 Do What You’re Paid For
21 Girl You’re So Mean
22 Road I'm On
23 Save
24 Refuse to Cry