Hawke Auburn

Hawke Auburn


I´d say it´s basic, solid rock n´roll that combines some loud, raw guitar riffs with punchy bass lines, precise drum beats, backed by an array of mellodic keyboard sounds and topped with wicked vocal lines. With all of these elements finding a nice sounding harmonic balance.


Hawke Auburn started as Synapse when Adam and Adriatico got together at Adriatico's old appartment in Imperial Beach, Ca. one day in February, 2004 to jam out and exchange ideas. After that, they kept meeting each week and soon invited Alex (former bass player) and Christian to join in. They played small venues, benefit gigs, bars and cafes mainly in Tijuana, Mexico for about a year, until Alex left the band. Some time later, Adam, Adriatico and Chris started meeting again -sometimes inconsistently- and had several bass players over, but none stayed as a permanent member until March, 2007 when Diego joined in and learned many of the songs with ease. Also, Brian has joined the band on percussions.
Our influences:
Ric Ocasek, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Ian Anderson, Mercury Rev, Robert Pollard, Rick Wakeman, Roger Waters, Supertramp, Bersuit, David Byrne, David Bowie, Rolling Stones, McCartney, Harrison, Lennon, Starr, Louis Armstrong, Herbie Hancock, Duke Ellington, Thelonius Monk, Jobim... the list goes on

Set List

Whatever the occasion calls for. We could play for 2 hours straight without repeating a song or simply play a 3-song set if opening for a band.