Hawkins Rise

Hawkins Rise


HR is an indie rock band from Rhode Island. Heavily focused on harmony and strong songwriting, Hawkins Rise has been compared to The Jayhawks, The Wallflowers, and Stereophonics, but with a variety of styles and influences ranging from classic to modern rock, HR has familiar flair anyone can enjoy.


Hawkins Rise began late winter of 1999, in Southern Rhode Island. A feeling was in the of the air for this talented RI foursome that would soon find themselves on a musical journey that would test their friendships, talents, and musical ambitions.

Dan Simpson contacted his long time acquaintance and fellow musician Joe Magnanti. Magnanti was previously involved in several local music projects, many of which Simpson found himself watching and witnessing.

The two, who were friends in high school, came in and out of contact with one another until one frigid winter night. It was on this night that Hawkins Rise would be born.

Simpson and Magnanti both happened to be online. It was Simpson who insisted that Magnanti and he meet to discuss the possibility of starting a musical group.

Without hesitation, the two met at a local diner exhausting a bottomless pot of coffee and smoking their last cigarettes. Their musical ideas ran like a waterfall embracing a mountain. It was an intoxicating moment that lead to the birth of Hawkins Rise.

A musical recipe was designed that same night. It was Simpson's and Magnanti's vision and objective to recruit musicians that would compose original music, layered with gorgeous vocal harmonies, wrapped with a blanket of back bone percussion and seasoned with solid bass lines.

Magnanti contacted a drummer that he had worked with in the past. Joe Grasso's solid and creative drumming style continuously gives Hawkins Rise its solid backbone.

Later, Simpson was able to recruit a talented and aspiring bass player named Chris Simpson. The two, who oddly enough were close cousins in their youth, had not seen each other in many years. At a family wedding Dan & Chris caught up on all their happenings and Chris disclosed he had taken up bass guitar. Chris was excited to join Hawkins Rise and stands strong providing accurate and solid bass lines.

Hawkins Rise was now formed in its entirety and began working diligently to create their original sound. The music of Hawkins Rise has been compared to artists of the past and is also flavored with the pop/rock feel of respected millennium artists and performers.

Since the beginning of the band; Hawkins Rise has secured regular Rhode Island and Massachusetts appearances. The fan base continuously grows and Hawkins Rise looks forward to expanding their musical reach to other parts of New England and beyond.

Its been a wondrous journey for the fellas in Hawkins Rise both challenging and rewarding. Friendships have been tested, music has been redefined, and Hawkins Rise still stands strong delivering melodies and sounds that will fill your soul with tears, laughter, and other things that you have forgotten existed. You will find yourself singing along to choruses and humming musical refrains. Hawkins Rise will seduce you and draw you into a feeling that you wont recognize, but somehow know you've missed all the same.


FULL LENGTH LP - What We're Like, and Who We've Turned Out to Be

Set List

Typically, original music sets range from 40 to 60 minutes. Capability to play up to 3 hours of music with a mix of rare and interesting cover songs.