Hawk vs. Dove

Hawk vs. Dove

 Dallas, Texas, USA

Heavy and catchy, psychadelic, complex, glacial and epic with massive guitars, droned out bass, powerful vocals, and dizzyingly drummy drums.


Dallas band Hawk vs. Dove formed in the summer of 2008 as a side project of two different bands, spaced out art collective Electricbrown (Sean Butler and James Losoya) and 2/3 of the members of psychadelic power trio STEW (brothers John and Joe Hardy). Some of the touring bands we've been asked to open for include: Juicifer, Don Cabellero, Minsk, Tweakbird, Hair Police, Awesome Color, dd/mm/yyyy, and Harvey Milk. Our music is a blend of heavy, proggy, down home jamming, a bit of doom at times, pshchadelic and good old rock 'n' roll.


We are currently working on our debut album due out this winter.