Hayabusa are a band who care about tunes, songs you can get inside and get more from with every listen. They spark your interest with their hooks and time switches then get you nodding your head as the tunes rock out and drive with intensity. They kick rock ass with a sly smile on their faces.


Hayabusa are a UK band with a difference, they don't want to follow trends or be the flavour of the month, they spend time writing and crafting songs that you can get inside and enjoy more with every listen. Formed in 2008 in England they have quickly written a fantastic repertoire of material from lilting calm melodies to staccato electronica to all-out rockin blasts. Their gigs have garnered high praise from all present and are destined for bigger and better things.
Wide ranging influences underpin Hayabusa's unique style, from the likes of mainstream rock to UK traditional folk, to the likes of Tool and UK drum n bass, all find their small place in Hayabusa's sound. They sound like no other band around right now and definitely should be checked out as soon as possible.


6-track EP "You'll Need Something On Your Feet" due for official release Nov 2009.

Set List

Generally this would be an ever changing selection of tunes from our original repertoire:
A Strength To Travel
Token Love Song
Bad Is The New Good
Every Seventh Day
Evil Is Not That Laid Back
Briefcase Full Of Love
All Roads Lead To Death