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Cincinnati, Ohio, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | INDIE | AFTRA

Cincinnati, Ohio, United States | INDIE | AFTRA
Established on Jan, 2012
Duo Folk Rock




"Pleasantly Surprised!"

Beautiful, soft instrumentation laced with fantastic vocal chemistry.
Great atmosphere throughout the album. Highly recommended! - thecolorblue3


step forth is my favorite song I listen to it on repeat every day I was going to kill myself but this song saved my life I can't imagine how terrible this world would be without this song I would be 6 foot under I'm being honest here I'm in love with this song especially the part that says "every tree grows steady and reaches up to the sun" that reminds me of when my mom got slaughtered it reminds me to stay strong and the part that says "I want to feel you" reminds me of me and my gf and how romantic it is and how beautiful love is and that Jesus makes this world spin in a happier way and I just would kill myself if I never heard this song so thank u so much for being such a good writer, person, singer, and most of all... friend - skylar1234553


Robert Hayden Tieman and Miranda Kaye Hamilton met three years ago while cast as love interests in Oscar Wilde’s play, An Ideal Husband, in a black box theater at Northern Kentucky University.

They eventually began dating, formed an alternative, folk-rock duet and are focused on making it big in the music industry. So far, they’re off to a good start.
On Aug. 31, the duo (known as Hayden Kaye — taken from their middle names) released its second album Step Forth, an album about “self-development, hope and taking chances.” And on Sept, 13, Tieman, 22, and Hamilton, 21, will open for Country Music Hall of Famer John Michael Montgomery at the Plex in Batesville, Ind. — their biggest performance yet.

“We’re on this journey discovering ourselves through music, inviting our listeners to do the same,” the duo says.

Last fall, the pair opened for Grammy-nominated band Gungor for the kickoff to Gungor’s world tour.

Janglin Souls recently caught up with Hayden Kaye to discuss the release of their new album and video, opening for John Michael Montgomery, and their love for Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.

Q: When and how did you discover Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros?

Robert: I saw Edward Sharpe’s first album in Shake It Records in Cincinnati. I had never heard of them before, but their album art intrigued me. I decided to purchase “Up From Below” and have been listening to them ever since. When I met Miranda, I introduced her to their music, and they became one of her favorite bands.

Q: Why are you two such big ESMZ fans?

A: Their music is so relatable and catchy. You can listen to them anytime, anywhere no matter what mood you are in. They have a great variety of songs and do their best to make a positive impact on peoples’ lives.

Q: What does their music mean to you?

A: Edward Sharpe’s music energizes the soul. The Magnetic Zeros provides for us what we need in order to be inspired as young musicians.

Q: How many ESMZ concerts have you attended? Please share your favorite ESMZ story/experience/moment?

Robert: Three. Twice at Iroquois Amphitheatre-Louisville, Ky., and at Bonnaroo 2013 – Manchester, Tenn….They invited Miranda and me onto their tour bus our second time we saw them in Louisville. We met some of the band members and talked about what it takes to make it in music, and I asked Alexander for advice on being a young music artist. We also gave Jade a copy of our EP. It was an unforgettable experience for both of us.

Q: How did the the two of you meet?

Miranda: We met about three years ago and have been dating for two years. We both were theatre majors at Northern Kentucky University, and we met during a college play. We were cast as the love interests in Oscar Wilde’s play, An Ideal Husband, and have been friends ever since.

Q: How would you describe Hayden Kaye and your music?

A: Hayden Kaye is a folk-rock duo from the Greater Cincinnati area. We play at local and national venues, festivals, parties and weddings. We have two albums available on Spotify and iTunes. Last October, we opened for the Grammy-nominated band Gungor on the first show of their world tour. We are working hard to pursue music as a full-time profession and hope to go on tour in the near future to share our music with the world.

Our music is acoustic, organic, and appeals to a wide variety of listeners. We include strong harmonies along with expressive lyrics. We make it our goal to write songs that have meaning and worth, while applying the richness of folk music. We’ve even written a folk-opera based on our song “Angel of Stone,” which tells the tragic story of the life and death of a young girl.

Q: What instruments do you both play?

A: Robert sings and plays the acoustic guitar and harmonica. Miranda sings and plays hand percussion and the ukulele.

Q: When did you guys learn you would be opening for John Michael Montgomery?

Robert: We were in our Bonnaroo tent this past summer, and we received a text message about it from our band manager.

Miranda: We are very excited and honored to be opening for such a big name. He is actually from Kentucky, where Robert was born and raised. This concert is hosted by an arts organization that I have been involved with called Rural Alliance for the Arts. A friend from the organization submitted our music, and John Michael Montgomery chose us to open for him.

Q: Talk about your involvement with the Wesley Foundation?

A: During our college years, we played worship music for the gatherings and led weekly Bible studies. We also went on mission trips to Biloxi, Miss., two years in a row to volunteer for a homeless community called Seashore Mission. These experiences have helped us grow in our faith.

Q: How can fans get a hold of your music?

A: It’s available in a few different record stores in the Greater Cincinnati area. We also sell our CDs at each one of our shows. Check our calendar here. Our music is also on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and other online stores. - David Wexler - Janglin' Souls

"Really Dug It"

Cincinnati's City Beat magazine March 2017 issue commented that they "really dug" Hayden Kaye's FATE album. - Cincinnati CityBeat Magazine

"Let Your Heartache Go"

Cincy Music selected Hayden Kaye's FATE track, "Let Your Heartache Go" as their song of the week 3/6/17. - Cincy Music

"Country Hall of Famer"

Hayden Kaye has performed in concert with Country Hall of Famer, John Michael Montgomery, and Grammy nominated band, Gungor. - John Michael Montgomery

"Top Notch"

Hayden Kaye's new album FATE offers a top-notch production from this Cincinnati-area couple who, having been recently married, are as harmonious in music as they are in life. Getting to know Robert HAYDEN and Miranda KAYE Tieman as a musical duo through their appearances on City Nights, a show that I produce and direct for local cable access, I have been pleased to invite them to perform for our television audience more than once. So when they asked me to give my thoughts on their new album, I happily accepted. Listening to their latest release exposed me to something unexpected though. What I found was a more thickly and lavishly produced set of tracks than one would expect given their acoustic live performances at local venues like ours.

Several of the tracks are exactly what you would expect from this fun, always-smiling couple; kind of a happy, hippy-folk with a driving rhythm that would be perfect for a Saturday afternoon drive in the country, and since I have one coming up soon I will have to make sure to have this album on the ready. Several of the tracks, with strong lead vocals from Robert, are like a pitch right down the middle of the plate that takes you right to that toe-tapping spot you were expecting. All along Miranda is right there to offer her sparkle on backup vocals – its like you can actually hear her smile. There's no doubt how much these two enjoy making music together. The opening tracks of “Cry Yourself To Sleep” and “Let Your Heartache Go” will have you ready to roll down the window and tap your fingers on the roof of your car while later tracks on the release like “Ramble On, Ramble On”, “On Your Side” and their fun-loving cover of “Folsom Prison Blues” will easily keep that pace going without breaking your groove.

But again the real surprise, and in my opinion the real gem of the album, is the unexpected. There is the treat of a deeper texture that makes some of the tracks pop up through the rest of the set list. That's not to detract from the fun of the other toe-tappers, but these were the tracks that really spoke to me during my listen and these are tracks that are not to be overlooked. Probably my favorite tune from the set, “Crook”, provides a darker tone and offers the nice addition of a piano that really brings a different mood to the ear and the mind. Other tracks that jumped out at me were “Teleport” and “It's Our Love”. Both while not as moody as “Crook”, each offered a different texture than the expected tracks, even more of a “radio-ready” feel dare I say. In the neighborhood of variety, two other tracks, “Unity Song” and “What We Will Find”, both offer more of a showcase for Miranda's vocals. She sings lead on the latter of the two which also includes some nice banjo work that fits in well and would be welcome on more future productions from this duo.

So if you are looking for an album to carry you through both your carefree times and also some of your deeper thoughts, you need look no further than Hayden Kaye's new release, FATE. Of course, a drive in the country wouldn't hurt either. - Jason Dudas


Fate LP 2017

Step Forth (Kyoti Remix) Single 2015 

Step Forth LP 2014

Hayden Kaye EP 2013



The high-energy music created by Hayden Kaye is rooted in folk with bluegrass and Americana influences. Their synchronized harmonies and raw acoustics reflect their passion for life and each other. Songwriting is a key component to this musical duo. Their organic approach toward music sets them apart in a distinctive way.

Hayden Kaye's members, Robert Hayden (vocals, guitar, harmonica) and Miranda Kaye (vocals, percussion, banjolele) write their songs in a variety of ways. They bring individual ideas together and build upon them to create a vast collection of original material. Robert and Miranda met while studying theatre at Northern Kentucky University. They graduated together and went on to both attain Master’s degrees in teaching. They were married in July of 2016. 

Hayden Kaye recorded their debut EP and music video in late 2012 for their single, "In the Night".  In August 2014, they released their full-length album, Step Forth along with a music video for the title track. On March 4th, 2017, Hayden Kaye will be releasing their third album, Fate, which makes bold statements about life, society, and love. With this new innovative addition to their discography of albums, remixes, and solo projects, Hayden Kaye provides an abundance of original material that is ever growing.

Live performance is a key component to this folk-rock duo, and their fans appreciate their captivating energy on stage. For the past five years, Hayden Kaye performs year-round at many venues, events, and festivals across the country. They also teach performance classes and direct plays and musicals in both private and public schools. Engaging their following and further building their career is their main aspiration. They have performed in concert with many great acts including Grammy nominated band, Gungor, and Country Hall of Famer, John Michael Montgomery.

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