Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

Life is full of everyday surprises, highs and lows, and everything in between. Haydon has found a unique way to capture these moments in their melodic style of music. Haydon is simply a band of four musicians who love writing music with lyrics that speak a universal language. One of hope, love, struggle, and resolve.


Haydon is an American rock/pop band from Indianapolis, IN. The band's members are Chad Haydon (lead vocals), Kyle Wood (guitar, keyboards, backing vocals), Ben Scott (drums, percussion) and Ryan Hurley (bass, backing vocals).
“If only one person is reached, and they connect with our message then we’ve accomplished what we came here to do.” Singer/songwriter Chad Haydon states as the main reason for Haydon’s existence. “We play for an audience of one. We are not here to sell people a product or to make a certain financial gain. It’s about connecting with an individual in a way where they can see the light at the end of the tunnel and know that there is hope at the end of each day.”

Chad, Ryan, Ben and Kyle set off on the journey around the summer of 2010. “We were each at one time involved in other bands that either fizzled out over time or were just not on track with where our hearts were”, states Ryan. After an initial phone call by Ryan and Chad they decided to join forces with Ben and Kyle to embark on a new perspective of music and meaning for being in a band. So far, after two years of making music they have performed at the Indianapolis 500 Festival, the 2011 Honor our Heroes 4th of July Celebration where they performed for over 5,000 concert goers, active military and veterans, the 2011 Ichthus Festival, which included national artists such as Anberlin, Superchick, Hillsong, and Red, have played numerous local venues, clubs, churches and festivals around Indiana, and have recorded a self titled three song EP.

They have a variety of musical influences which include artists such as Switchfoot, One republic, Explosions in the sky, Appleseed Cast, Brad Paisley, Emery, Blindside, Coldplay, The Civil Wars, Sleeping at last, U2, Augustana, Snow patrol, The Script, and DCTalk. Chad’s lyrical content is brought out by personal experience and in his own words is a sort of release to getting out his thoughts and questions on life into a story or song.

Haydon is excited for this coming summer where they have already lined up a 4th of July town festival in Franklin, IN, they will also be taking part in a “Concert of Hope” benefit for the tornado victims of Southern Indiana. They are also excited to get to work on their first full length studio album planned for after the summer.

To sum it up Haydon has been blessed with a gift and believe that through song and unity, the world can be turned around and lives can be changed for the better one song at a time.


Haydon, EP
-Lie to me
-The way I feel

@Reverbnation (www.reverbnation.com/haydon)
-Black and White

Set List

-Original Songs-
-Eyes On My Mind
-Hey I'm Lost
-Never To Far
-Black and White
-Lie To Me
-The Way I Feel

-Cover Songs-
-Once In A Lifetime Love
-Dare You To Move
-Closer To The Edge
-Sunday Bloody Sunday