Melodic, lush, swirling and yet driven alternative rock with a spacey tinge. Great songs backed up by professional production, smart arrangements, and visceral sonics.


How do you stand apart musically in a city where the scene is comprised of super-talented groups at every turn and discerning fans who have already moved on to the next big thing?

When you’re Los Angeles quartet HAYES you create melodic and soulful music that manages to seamlessly cross the line between rock and pop.

That blend was achieved on the group’s self-released debut album ELEVEN. HAYES--Aaron Smart, vocals, guitars; Sean Willson, bass; Kelly Finnigan, keyboards; Aaron Luke, Drums--wrote, produced, and recorded all the music for ELEVEN; for the production, the band teamed with Brian Dobbs (Metallica, Veruca Salt, Tal Bachman, etc.) to co-produce the album.

As further proof that their music was starting to impact, HAYES was only unsigned band to appear on the Tommy Hilfiger/Demodaze compilation FREESTYLIN. The band’s track “Hussy”--one of the highlights from ELEVEN--was featured on the CD, alongside critically acclaimed favorites Imarobot and Katy Rose, among others. The band will also appear on an upcoming Molson Ice/Demodaze compilation CD
featuring Death Cab For Cutie and others.
But everyone knows that a band can sound great on record. Legions of fans in Los Angeles--where the group has performed at such historic venues as the Viper Room, Troubadour, Spaceland, and Knitting Factory--know that the HAYES’ live show is as good as their recorded music. And this Spring music fans in the Midwest had the chance to catch the band live when they embarked on a small Midwest tour which included an exclusive showcase at Double Door in Chicago for MECA (the Chicago Music Conference).

The band’s melodic rock was influenced by Swervedriver, Sunny Day Real Estate, Radiohead, Tribe Called Quest, Built to Spill, Nirvana and Pink Floyd, among others.

Hayes are currently working on their sophomore disc in Los Angeles and recently mixed some tracks with Gavin Mackillop (Sugarcult, Toad The Wet Sprocket, Talk Talk).

Reviews for the group’s debut album ELEVEN include:

“This is one of the best indie-rock CDs I have listened to this year…Jesse Kramer's skins as well as the guitar work of Aaron Smart, the bassline of Sean Wilson and the keys and harmonies of Kelly Finnigan make this as full bodied a sound as your morning cup of "joe" is to your palate. The material brings out the best in this young band and the experience is enjoyable." ( 4.5 Stars out of 6 )

“This standard quartet bring a pop approach to their brand of alternative rock. Sometimes opting for a distorted and heavy punch but always rooted deeply in groove and melody…”

“’Eleven’ is an excellent album, and I can't believe these guys aren't signed. It's a good album for anyone who likes a mix of hard and mellow, distorted and clear, anxiety and stillness. It's beautifully produced and it doesn't sound at all like the average debut album. I highly recommend starting off ‘Eleven’ with headphones in order to catch the intricacies of the music.”

“Singer guitarist Aaron Smart and band have written and performed an ambrosial assemblage of sonic sounds supreme, dripping melodic splendor and shining silver tapestries of intricate rhythms from on high. These hook sweetened tunes are a treasure trove of glorious vibratory visions and idyllic lyrical imagery.”



Self-Titled EP
Eleven - Full LP

Set List

40 Min, 7-8 songs