Haymaker is an in your face hard rock group made up of 5 individuals hailing from Ashland, PA. Each member brings something different to the band giving them a unique, but commanding sound that is complimented through their intense live performances.


Haymaker is a band combining five different personalities with a range of many different musical influences. This combination of different musical approaches and styles has helped create a sound that is distinct to themselves, but pays homage to influences of the past. It places them directly in a position where they can be appreciated by all fans of hard rock, metal, and other forms of heavier music. Formed in 2004, the band quickly became a name noticed to many around their area. Their energetic, attention grabbing performances force the audience to follow the band's every move during their captivating live sets. The band's diverse collection of original songs range from straight-forward, in your face rock such as "So Be It" and "F.E.D." to the flowing grooves of "Taste You" and "Hummer Queen," while captivating listeners with the unsettling distress of "Devil's Got Your Back." The indepth lyrics sung over ear friendly riffs and twin guitar work tear at the heart and mind of any aged fan. The material is real and takes you into the lives of any hungry individual who cannot indulge in what their fantasies crave. The sound they have and the solid stage performances they put on have created a solid fan base. Only time will tell where this band will go. Whether they end up making it big touring the US or end up with nothing in a gutter, Haymaker will continue doing what they love until the day they die.

Live video of Haymaker performances is available at our myspace page: myspace.com/haymaker

UPDATE: 10/06 - The band name will be changing soon. An update will be made when a name is announced.


Take Me Home (EP. 2005.)
1)So Be It 2)Taste You 3)Last Reply 4)F.E.D. 5)In Vino Veritas 6)Breathe

*Title TBA* (LP 2006.) - Recording begins soon.
Tracklist also TBA.

Set List

Typical set runs an hour to an hour and a half. Our set includes these original songs:
- So Be It
- Breathe
- Taste You
- In Vino Veritas
- Last Reply
- Hummer Queen
- F.E.D.
- Devil's Got Your Back
- Shallow Grave
- Addiction
- Fix Me
- Try To Die
- Martyr
- Shrapmetal
- Dead Rat Marionette

Our band chooses to not perform covers much, and focus our attention on creating and performing original music.