BandEDMHip Hop

Haywyre consists of Martin Vogt, who has been studying piano since the age of six. His interest in the production of hip-hop, dubstep, jazz and electronica began growing when he lived in Austria.


Shortly after moving back to the United States, in 2008, Haywyre was created. Now, he is on a mission to consistently provide his listeners with variety. Synthetic and organic elements combine in progressive music inspired by artists such as Noisia, Break, STS9, Pretty Lights, Flying Lotus, KOAN Sound, Patrick O'Hearn, Kraak & Smaak, Phillip Glass, Clint Mansell and Abdullah Ibrahim. Martin performs the main melodies of his songs on his MIDI keyboard, but also records live instruments such as guitar, violin, armenian flutes and more. So far, he has mastered / produced every release himself.


Lotus LP (2010)
Of Mellows and Revelations LP (2011)
Dubsonic LP (2011)
The Voyage LP (2012)
Encompassing EP (2012)
Infinite EP (2012)
Draw The Line EP (2012)
Two Fold LP (2013)