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"The Game Need Change" album released summer 2008

"Home of heroin" album released summer 2007

"Black Skully Land" album released summer 2005



Born and raised in the foul streets of Baltimore, Maryland, Haz is without a doubt a diamond in the rough that has not yet been found. Birthed by his parents as Brian Grimm, Haz is not only a superb rap artist, but also a phenomenal engineer; an intelligent business man; and a marketing master.
Born September 4, 1985, Haz began his music career at age 12 when he would write raps while bored in class. He continued to write until writing raps became his most preferred hobby. But unfortunately, his talent would not get him very far; not yet anyway. At age 13, Haz began a lifestyle that would nearly take his life and confiscate his freedom for greater than a year. He started selling drugs which would limit the time he could spend writing raps or making music.
At 15, Haz was severely stabbed 3 times; once in the back, once on his side, and the most severe in his stomach. He suffered from a collapsed lung and consequently almost breathed his last breath. He spent over two weeks in Maryland General Hospital and luckily survived all injuries.
Following the stabbing, Haz only dabbled more into the drug scenery. At 17, he was arrested for distribution of narcotics and would serve almost two years at youth detention centers Noyes, Seven Locks, and Bowling Brook.
Differing from many peoples’ circumstances though, the phrase ‘positive outcome’ would be an understatement for what came of Haz’s confinement. As a means to be released earlier than expected, Haz was required to enroll in a local college or university. His prison counselor saw college as a best fit for Haz, not only because she saw an intellectual in him, but he also achieved the highest score on the SAT test out of all other youth in his facility. Accordingly, Haz was accepted into Bowie State University and therefore released from confinement.
Haz attended Bowie for 2 ½ years when he decided to call it quits. Not only did he experience financial trouble while paying for school, but more importantly, he felt that more time and money needed to be devoted to his greatest love; music.
Before finishing his time at Bowie State University though, Haz successfully shot single handedly paid for video “Home Wit Me,” which proved to be more than suitable for BET’s “Uncut.” He also released his first full album to the streets. He called it “Black Skully Land.” Along with other members of Haz’s music/promotional company Hazardous Inc., Haz made an appearance at Patapsco Flea Market every weekend until all 5000 CDs he purchased were sold. While marketing “Black Skully Land,” Haz also faithfully participated in a widely known monthly competition called Style Wars. He was the only artist to win the competition twice in one year which earned him an awarding article in The Baltimore Sun Newspaper.
Approximately a year and a half after the release of “Black Skully Land,” Haz dropped his sophomore album “Home of Heroin.” This album certainly reflected a more mature Haz. After being constructively criticized that his tracks often sounded too similar, Haz switched his style up a little and recorded tracks like HAZ and HOT and JACK/LANA. Again, as he did with “Black Skully Land,” Haz again grinded until he sold several thousand copies of “Home of Heroin.”
Of course the foundation to making music is recording CDs and maybe even making videos. But Haz is always looking for an opportunity to perform and show off his talent. He has performed opening acts for big timers like Lil Wayne and Slick Rick. He has also headlined shows at Santa Fe in College Park, Maryland and Sonar in Baltimore. Of course, he has also performed at many local events. But not only has Haz performed to promote himself, but he has headlined two shows to promote cancer in which all proceeds went to research and cancer awareness programs.
Now successfully running his own company, Hazardous Inc., Haz engineers, raps, markets, and is a great business man. In addition to those already mentioned, his hobbies include buying jewelry, traveling, and making Baltimore a better city. Expect tremendous things to come from Haz, for he is a dedicated and phenomenal artist.