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New York City, New York, United States | SELF

New York City, New York, United States | SELF
Band Hip Hop Pop


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HAZ Presents:"TOPGUN" The motion picture mixtape
Dre the General Presents: One night only
Dre the General Presents: The Fresh Prince of New York
The Rebelion (Mixtape)
Broken Silence (Mixtape)
DJ. Rock-n-it Present: The swag city allstars. Hosted by D.Gatez



Hip-hop artist Hasan"H.A.Z."Griffin was born and raised in Fort Greene Brooklyn NY. He began rapping at age 12. Being the youngest of eight.growing up in a home of musicians H.A.Z. wasn't too far from becoming one himself. Father Michael Griffin a singer and older brother Deshawn"Vinch"Jones aspiring rap artist. Vinch along with others such as Michael Jackson,Jay-Z,Lupe Fiasco,Common,Talib Kwali and Mos Def have been major influences on H.A.Z.'s career. The guy once considered the funny little dude from Fort Greene shocked his neighborhood with a magnificent 16 bars appearing on a local neighborhood hood mixtape "Rush What". The mixtape was basically a CD full of battle songs made for another rap group in Fort Greene.

Currently H.A.Z. is building a major buzz on the web with his new mixtape "The Scrimmage". He describes this mixtape as a lyrical exercise to keep in tune with the listeners while working on the album. The album is called "High Alttitude Zone" this album represents hip-hop on a higher and new level. The album is very differnt unlike anything bein heard now and is garunteed to be a major success. Also H.A.Z. has been performing at clubs all over New York and looks to make his way on to out of state colleges ans clubs.

H.A.Z. appeared on his first mixtape along with childhood friends Dre The General and Don Juan Naiquan. But they didn't stop there they just kept creating new songs aside from all the battle raps. They're buzz soon big enough to start actually taking they're rap careers seriously. So they each started they're own solo careers and still helped each other out in the process. H.A.Z. knew that becoming a successful would have to happen after the death of his father on June 19,2007. He thought to himself "it didn't work for my father nor brother and somebody has to make it big. Maybe its destined for me".

Soon H.A.Z. began entering showcases,doing features with other artist,blowing up the mixtape circuits as well as creating a heavy internet buzz. H.A.Z. is an extrodinary artist who demonstrates charisma,versatility,wittyness,story telling abilities and incredible skill. His music is known to appeal to all different types of audiences that are able to connect with his situations as well as give them a little shock with his stunning metaphors and punch lines. H.A.Z. strays away a little from all the gangster rap because he says "it feels a little cliche because I'm from the projects. I just like to make music about real life situations and fun." H.A.Z. is a name that definitely that will be remembered in the future as a historic artist who took the world by storm with his incredible music. Be sure to check the guy out youtube.com and on myspace.com/thelyricalbeast.