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Boston, Massachusetts, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014

Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Hip Hop Indie




"The new wave of "hip hop""

Sitting against the back wall of a tiny stage almost filled by the DJ setup, Hazedus sips a clear vodka concoction and watches the crowd in front of her. Of the 200 people packed into the Dublin House a small bar and grill, she’s the only one not moving. She just stares straight ahead, periodically adjusting her dreadlocks that hang below her belt as the mob of fans sways and bounces to the trap-inspired anthem. Her hype man steps on the stage beside her, his head inches from the ceiling and tells her it’s time to go as the music cuts out. She nods, fixes her shirt and grabs a microphone, pushing people away from the front of the stage so she has room to stand. She gives the crowd one task: “get wild!”

A loud base sample leads into heart-pounding drums and a dark synthesizer as Hazedus launches into the first verse of her song We Got Next. The crowd obeys her order and starts smacking the wall so hard that the bottles on the bar begin to shake. A large cup of brown Alcohol spills on the dozen people making up the first two rows, who had to squeeze through dozens of sweaty bodies to get this close. Hazedus is a petite, yet intimidating twenty something, who bounces around the stage rapping about drugs, violence, the inner city, and surprisingly solutions to the problems. As she ends her set, stepping down from the stage and into the crowd,  was filled to capacity and as the lights turned on at 3 a.m., the crowd was begging for more as they left, jackets in hand, trying to cool down. “I’m making memories” hazedus explains, “I mean, I love money too, but the love for music is what keeps me stepping on stage.” Hazedus represents the new wave of rappers, the ones who have created a unique sound for the city. She feels well prepared for what the future holds for her career, and I can assure you all that we’ll be hearing more from her. - www.streetmag.com Matt Khalil


Still working on that hot first release.



As controversial as hip hop has become over the last decade, its no surprise that an mc like Hazedus emerges, out of the midst. The overindulgence of these female pop mcs, has forced hip hop to once again turn to the street, for its regeneration of skills and hood values. Hazedus is the solution to the pollution, a breath of fresh air to the game, and a threat to the career of established artists with inadequate lyrics.

Hazedus a Boston native is a true lyricist. Brewed in the same broth as Lauryn Hill, Queen Latifah, and Da Brat, to become part of that delicious hip hop stew, we all craved. The 26 year old, made her debut in hip hop as a battle rapper, the only female in the cipher, which if you let her tell it, explains her extraordinary talent. Her style is described as a cross between Cassidy, Fabolous, Jada Kiss, and Dmx without all the barking.

They allowed me to be myself, and I just got open, states Hazedus I work so hard on my 16, and I just want the world to hear my work, you know.

Hip hop is not dead, not with inspiring artist such as Hazedus. Her lyrics surpasses any female mcs of the time, she seems to master the art of hip hop. Her euphoric punchlines and nostalgic metaphors, forces any true hip hop head to take notice. She gains endless praises throughout the hip hop community of Boston. Her youtube stays flooded with encouraging comments, even one from one of the legendary pioneers of hip hop himself Triggerthagambler, on her rendition of broken Language, her milli freestyle is a classic. She is a joy to listen to; a real hope for hip hop and for female mcs everywhere.

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