Hazelius Hedin

Hazelius Hedin


Two of Sweden’s most established folk musicians make up the duo Hazelius Hedin. They sing and play their Swedish folk music with passion, rare ease and unquestionable presence - it’s impossible to remain unaffected.


Esbjörn Hazelius and Johan Hedin both grew up in the south of Sweden, where the traditional couple dance slängpolska is prevailing. But they search all over Sweden for their repertoire, which includes everything from medieval ballads, sailor songs, love ballads and instrumental dance tunes. Moreover, Hazelius and Hedin pass on the tradition through their own compositions. They arrange the music carefully often inspired by Esbjörn’s Irish tradition of music arranging, and they constantly look for new instrumental harmonies.

Esbjörn Hazelius – song, cittern, octave mandola and guitar
Esbjörn Hazelius is one of very few professional male folk singers in Sweden who has also become a sought after instrumentalist and music arranger. He is also one of the leading experts on Irish music in Scandinavia. He has just released a solo album with his own songs, called “Blunda och du ska få se” (literally “Close your eyes and you’ll see”). Further information can be found on www.myspace.com/esbjornhazelius

Johan Hedin – nyckelharpa, oktavnyckelharpa, (keyfiddle, octave keyfiddle), octave mandola and song
He’s a well-known nyckelharpa player who is admired for his way of handling the instrument. For many years he has worked on developing the keyed fiddle as an instrument, for example by making several new models in different registers. He usually plays in small, intimate constellations or as a soloist in various contexts. Further information can be found on www.johanhedin.com


Om du ville människa heta


Hazelius-Hedin ”Om Du Ville Människa Heta” 2011

Jenny Almsenius ”Sånt som Brinner” 2011

Tommy Nilsson ”I år är Julen Min” 2010

Rag and Bone ”Novice Pioneer” 2010

Malin Foxdal ”Nattfjäril” 2010

Esbjörn Hazelius ”Blunda Och Du Ska Få Se” 2009

Olle Linder ”Fullt av Folk” 2009

Tore Berger ”I Huset långt på Landet” 2009

Jul i Folkton ”Jul i Folkton Live” 2009

Ulrika Gunnarsson ”Trall” 2009

Anders Glenmark, Marie Fredriksson m.fl ”Alla Himlens Änglar” 2008

Sofia Karlsson ”Visor från Vinden” 2007

Malin Foxdal ”Jag Längtade” 2007

Greengrass ”Greengrass” 2007

Michael Sandén ”Michael´s Butterfly” 2006

Jul i Folkton ”jul i Folkton” 2005

Eitre ”The Coming of Spring” 2005

Sofia Karlsson ”Svarta Ballader” 2005

”Rikard Wolff” ”Allt du kan önska” 2005

Moneybrother ”To die alone” 2005

Il Divo ”Ancora” 2005

Various Artists – Olle Adolphson ”Dubbel Trubbel” 2005

Various Artists ”Folkmusic Sweden” 2003

Lure ”Prins i Puttalandet” 2003

Christer Lundh ”Grovt & Grant” 2002

Sofia Karlsson ”Folksongs” 2002

Quilty ”i´m here because I´m here” 2001

Lure ”Valramn” 1997

Hot Pebble ”Molecatching” 1993

Hot Pebble ”Smugglers” 1991

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Set List

"Jag haver ingen kärare" - 4:37 (Trad. / Arr. Hazelius Hedin)
"Fager som en ros" - 6:47 (Trad. / Arr. Hazelius Hedin)
"Adjö farväl" - 4:05 (Trad. / Arr. Hazelius Hedin)
"Getapolskan" - 2:29 (Esbjörn Hazelius / Arr. Hazelius Hedin)
"Jämmerpolskan" - 2:30 (Johan Hedin / Arr. Hazelius Hedin)
"Till himmelen" - 4:51 (Trad. / Arr. Hazelius Hedin)
"Abbekås / Möklinta" - 6:19 (Trad. / Arr. Hazelius Hedin)
"Vänner och fränder" - 7:14 (Trad. / Arr. Hazelius Hedin)
"Bonden och fan / Leffes polska" - 5:32 (Trad. / Berndt Kraft / Arr. Hazelius Hedin)
"Jungfrun och soldaten" - 3:47 (Trad. / E. Paul Brady / svensk text av Esbjörn Hazelius / Arr. Hazelius Hedin)
"Backapolskan" - 8:52 (Johan Hedin / Arr. Hazelius Hedin)