I've been DJing for 3 years, and in clubs in Baltimore for over 2 years mainly playing House of all sub-genres including Electro and Funky/Disco House. I like to try and keep the crowd on their toes dancing by changing up my style and keeping my mxing on the fly, as well as being versatile by playing more than one genre to please a wide variety of ears.


I like to pride myself in playing music people have never heard, searching everyday for new and upcoming/underground artists and promoting them by playing their music. I picked up Djing about 3 years ago after going to my first rave, yes I know it sounds cliche, but I fell in love, with EDM. I loved the fact that I could play with my music so I was instantly dedicated to learning anything and everything about the Art of Mixing and Turntableism, I learned the basics on Dj software for over a year, then I moved onto CDJ's and just CD's, with no laptop. Soon after that I purchased my very own Turntables and I was playing on Vinyl, and recently got Timecoded Vinyl. I've been at a non-stop progression with my abilities on the decks, and can honestly say every time I play it's better than the last. The fact that I can make people have a good time doing what I love, is icing on the cake. I just love to spread good vibes and good times for everyone by making them dance.

Set List

I don't have a rider or a setlist. I play my music on the fly with a variety of EDM. Depending on the gig, contact me and we will talk details.