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Haze is the new breed of southren artist, mixing reality music with strong mainstream appeal, a sure rookie of the year canidate for 2010, Haze is truly from the year 2500. Absurd Stage Presence and Phenomenal Vocalist keep your eye on HAZE


Every now and then there is a movement within the game of Hip Hop. HAZE, represents that movement. His fresh flavor and lyricism are sure to be a force in the music industry. Blending southern slang and an intelligence far beyond his years this 24 year old musician has quickly developed an unique style. A mixture of harmonizing choruses and poetic lyrics are HAZEs marquee as he reveals his inner thoughts in every verse. I write about true situations in my life. Its never about bragging, its about something that really happened to me before, he says when asked about where his inspiration comes from. "A lot of people have been poor, every body sold drugs, every body feels their sawgger is far superior. But I just tell real stories from my life and entertain" says the fourth year veteran. Yeah I had to hustle tapes at first, I was doing street work and whatever it took to get my shot. Now that its my turn, Man this game is over!!!


two previous songs have recieved minimal air play in Houston Area, the lead single TIC TOC is the newest release soon to find rotation

Set List

I typically do 2 verses and two choruses from 3 different songs to wet the audiences appetite then call it a night after giving away free apparel. I perfer to do a 9 to 10 minute set.