Hazie Maze

Hazie Maze


Hazie Maze is an orgy of intense, high-energy dance grooves with sexy electro-funkmatic charisma. Elements of funk, jazz, electronica, R&B and hip-hop all play an important role to the Maze.


Driven by the ultra funked-out diva Amee Jana, this seven-piece band has tapped into something that truly stands alone. They are magically delicious, with their incredible visual assault, captivating a wide audience with their infectious hooks, and improv grooves. A night where all senses will not go ignored.

Since the beginning, Hazie Maze's hard work and endless drive has been well-received by the industry, and was honored this year with a Boston Music Award Nomination for "Best Funk Band," and Amee Jana was nominated by the Syracuse Revolving Door Music Awards as "Best Female Artist." In addition, they've had many opportunities to share the stage with some musical greats such as the Grammy-nominated Los Amigos Invisibles, the legendary Neville Brothers, Papa Grows Funk, Max Creek, Raq, and Dr. Didg. These two years has proven that HM is unstoppable, and with the new album Bring Us Together now available, more great things will soon await the Maze.

This mystical band most certainly has created a 'buzz' around the Boston scene, as well as many other areas all over the Northeast, especially after the release of there new album. Playing over two hundred shows in record timing for a new band on the scene, Hazie Maze has developed a loyal and crazy groovin' fan base --- especially where their roots have grown in Boston, MA.

Hazie Maze presents an overwhelming amount of raw energy that overflows their stage. From Boston to New York City, from the hills of Vermont to New Hampshire, Hazie Maze is making their way across the Northeast, giving their audience a night to remember.

Amee Jana's wild and sexy stage performance, and her dynamic and fearless singing power, attitude and charisma guides you through the Hazie Maze experience with Ty Osborne's lyrical rap-mastery and electronic and acoustic drum combination, to Drewbud's mad soul bass lines and everlasting energy. And the combination of Chris Bingham on keyboards, Chris Marson bustin' out on trombone, Eric "E.B. Jammin" Brooks on tenor sax and newest member Stu Dietz ripping it up on the guitar complete this band's original mystique and ultimate experience.


For more information, please visit the official website at:


Booking: 310.696.9115
Management : Alex Javon
Email: management@haziemaze.com

'Bring Us Together' available at www.cdbaby.com or various Newbury Comics Locations in MA.


"Tangled Web" - Full Length CD Released 2001

"Bring Us Together" Full Length CD Released December 2003

Amee Jana's self-titled EP- 2003

Various songs played on WBCN, WFNX, WERS, Radioboston.com, WCRV, various other college radio stations nationwide.

Set List

Our set lists can range anywhere from 1-3 hours. We play mostly originals with a few covers, depening on venue. Here's a partial list of some of our originals and covers.

Partial List of Originals:
Come With Me and Unwind
Tangled Web
Peaches in My Pocket
Love You Not
Unleash This Demon
Bring Us Together
Usual Storm
Broken Bone
Summer Evening

HM presents a seamless high energy non-stop show, with new improv jams performed live only.

Partial List of Covers:
Oy Como Va, Santana
Pass The Peas, Maceo Parker
Billie Jean, The Legendary Michael Jackson
Sexy MF- Prince
What Is Hip- Tower of Power
Hang Up your Hang Ups- Herbie Hancock
Various of Stevie Wonder
Various of Bob Marley
Groove is in the Heart - Dee-lite
Give it to me baby- Rick James
Freebird....just kidding.
and more....