Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA

We're a fun group of guys who love writing and playing music, and have decided to take it to the next level and play as many shows as we can to spread our music around.


We are a 4 piece Alternative / Rock band based out of Harrisburg, PA. From our start around the summer of 2007, we have been writing original music. After figuring out what we wanted to do and juggling many different sounds, the best fit was very clear, and in January of 2010, they started the writing process for their debut EP. Recorded at Decapolis Labs Recording Studio, "The Off and Running EP" is a combination of genres, which can be described as an alternative dark indie rock sound, with an occasional hint of pop/punk, influenced partly by the bands "Bayside" and "Brand New." The title of the EP, "The Off and Running", is a metaphor, referring of course to the band's status, future, and their decision and dedication to focus completely on writing and being heard.


The Off and Running EP

Set List

Typical Set-

It All Happened So Fast (Original)
Call Out (Original)
We'll Be Alright (Original)
As We Are (Original)
-plus more

Occasionally we do covers -
Okay, I Believe You (Brand New Cover)
Sic Transit Gloria, Glory Fades (Brand New Cover)