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My music is like new shoes. Once they're broken into, they'll be your favorite!


During that moment when the night slips away and the morning horizon can be heard from your…basement, one of Milwaukee’s most creative minds is putting in, yet another one of it’s, finest performances with neurons a firing.  Whether he is up blending the everyday with the absurd and transforming them into the seamless verses that his fans have come to quote, or he is hunch-backed, hovering over his equipment, tinkering with his latest wax-electronic-chopped-tempo twisting soundscape, Haz Solo, to use the words of the man himself, “works hard.”
Rather than waiting on the next man to put him on, Haz (born Frantz Calei Jenkins) has created a name for himself, in little over a year, by establishing a work ethic behind the pen and pads that has inspired many, veterans and rookies alike, to rededicate themselves to their craft. Possessing a knack for generating intrigue, Haz has managed to stay fresh despite performing in well over 100 shows since May of 2007. His ability to keep the listener entertained with an assortment of dance moves and theatrics, while they pay acute attention to the deliberate and witty way he has arranged his verses is masterful. Blessed with a poet’s tongue and an ear for producing “grade A. music,” the 25-year-old lyricist has proven that, once again, hip hop fans are ready to make room for originality, hard work and integrity.
Born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Haz grew up in a dwelling that was abundant with fresh and innovative music. His father, Lawrence Jenkins, is a fire fighter that played the saxophone in a jazz ensemble known as Pharenheit, and a young Haz can remember his father embodying the essence of music in much of what he was doing at the time, whether it was the jittery jabs of a sax being played or the harmonious clinking of a weight set being used; his father was music. Haz would later interpret that figurative music that his father personified and chop it and re-arrange it in a way that kept the “feel” intact. That “feel” I write about would be of a hard-working man with a love for the music he creates.

Influenced by the musical genius of artists such as Madlib and J Dilla, Haz has perfected the art of experimentalism in both his production as well as his approach to making albums. His listeners would agree that his work gravitates more toward the sublime, rather than the ridiculous. His originality is without question, even though many have compared his dazzling lyricism with the likes of Nas, Andre 3000 and MF Doom.
In January of 2007, Haz’s mixtape, Nice To Meet Me, began to circulate throughout Milwaukee’s underground hip hop scene. This 26 track opus, with production from several producers from overseas, cemented Haz’s name amongst the best artists in the city and forced emcees, producers, dj’s, and promoters to take him seriously. The buzz gained from that album and his memorable performance at “The Do Over Show” set off a wave of Haz Solo appearances that summer as many artists in the city, inspired by his freewheeling nature, began to network with him and others; and a movement was reborn.

Since then, Haz has released three albums, and has been working diligently on several others. What we are currently looking at is the inauguration of Milwaukee’s finest musical export; a musician that is just getting started and by the end of this year should well be on his way to a new phase in his career, as many well-respected hip hop labels have started to take notice of his immense talents as a writer, producer, promoter, and performer.
In the infinite universe of hip hop, Haz Solo is the dark horse, an entertainer that one should never bet against. This is a man that didn’t even have the time to sit down with me and help me out with this poor piece of writing. Oh well, he’s probably recording his 3rd song of the evening as we speak.



Nice To Meet Me mixtape -JAN. 2007
Hazzy New Year -JAN. 2008
She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not -FEB. 2008
Short and Sweet- MAY 2008
HAZ SOLO> -NOV. 2008
June Bug (instrumentals) -June 2009

Set List

Chopped Grass
Money Folder
No Laughing
Blank Mission
Propa Like
Life Is Like A Game Of Chest

In no particular order. I like to feel the crowd out

time: about 20 minutes

The set will be longer with live band