Hazzard Girls

Hazzard Girls

 Corinth, Mississippi, USA

a mix of the wreckers, with a side of Janice Joplin, and a little MS blues for good measure. Young , fresh, all original.


We are two military girls that met while our dads were serving right after 9-11. We've been singing together for six years. WE've performed at Disney, Opryland Hotel, Six Flags adn countless fairs and festivals. Maurryn has writting in her veins. She's written over two hundred original songs. Cristalle helps Maurryn when block sets in about melody. Thier voices blend so well together but are distinct in thier own right. Each brings a little someting different to the plate. They hope to be a somehting new. They have difinite influences in country music but have also been greatly effected by the MS blues that now surrounds them. Both girls moved to a small town in MS when thier Dads finished serving. This allowed the girls to keep working together and toward thier dream.


anything boys can is on im radio now

Set List

Our set list is twenty to thirty songs, current country and pop hits along with our originals but we can add in anything requested in advance