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What is Hot Buttered Elvis (HBE)? Fun, fast, and furious! Think Green Day meets Frank Zappa meets Alice In Chains meets Spinal Tap. Very versatile stylistically, from hard rock to punk to pop with a heavy dose of fun!


Hot Buttered Elvis is fronted by Washington Area Music Assoc (WAMA) Wammie award winning vocalist/guitarist Scott Barber and a cast of distinguished regional and national performers: drummer Rob San Pietro (formerly of national act The Meatmen), guitarist/vocalist Scott Hedges (House of Echo, Post-Modern Blues), and bass player Shawn Sharifi (Mis-Fit).

Hot Buttered Elvis has released two full length CDs, “Dinner And A Monkey” (2002) and “Occupado!” (2006), and has been making noise at colleges, festivals, and nightclubs all up and down the East Coast. A live performance with HBE features great music with comedy, improvisation, and audience participation, including the semi-legendary ”Wheel Of Fate” which helps determine the nightly set list.

HBE has also opened for themeselves as one of several alter ego "tribute" bands including:
"NUNS N MOSES" (a GnR tribute)
"AMISH IN CHAINS" (an Alice In Chains tribute)
and "FAT HALEN" (a 70's Van Halen tribute)

Bottom line is HBE is about good times and great music. No two HBE live shows are ever alike and “a good time is guaranteed to all*”

* Except that one guy in the back in spandex pants with his arms folded


CD (self released) "Dinner And a Monkey" (2002)
CD (self released) "Occupado!" (2006)

The band is currently in the studio finishing up their 3rd release due in early '09 online and in stores.

Set List

HBE has released two full-length CDs of original music:

"Dinner and a Monkey" (2002)
"Occupado!" (2006)
both self-released and available on iTunes

The band is currently in the studio finishing up their 3rd release due in early '09 online and in stores.

The set list depends on the gig. HBE does all-original showcases of 45 and 75 minutes, as well as cover shows for the bar/college circuit.

A few bands whose music we cover (in no particular order):

Spinal Tap
Guns and Roses
Velvet Revolver
Black Eyed Peas
Foo Fighters
Led Zeppelin
Tom Jones
Linkin Park
Limp Biscuit
Rage Against The Machine
Kool and The Gang
Billy Idol
The Ramones
Cyndi Lauper
Sex Pistols
Charlie Daniels Band
Stevie Wonder
Red Hot Chilli Peppers
The BeeGees
Lenny Kravitz
Judas Priest
Black Sabbath
Black Crowes
Michael Jackson
No Doubt
Van Halen