We are extremely wise, youthful and powerful hard rockin' group.


We are a group from Lawrenceville. We are three, thatÂ’s why the title HC3 (Head Cleaners). Our band was founded in 1996. In those times (1996) we were three too.In 1996 we made our first demo. After that we started to play some concerts all over our republic. In 1998 we made first CD called SURPRISE. It was released by Czech label Bellatrix. We have been playing for six years here in the Czech republic and we performed something about 220 concerts. Our influences: original band


2001 - Space Avenues- EP Australia, New Zealand

Set List

Hate you, Better than you, HC3, Story, Be yourself, Get away, Inside, Struggle, Immortality, Pigs and Pets, Deeper way, Once, Michelle, Satisfied, Exist, Questions, Never ever, If, Your choice, Piss on you