Higher Class

Higher Class

 Memphis, Tennessee, USA
DuoHip HopSoul

Higher Class or Don't Pass


Tayy ThePro and thank Aaron have a history of friendship bonded by their
love of music. Writing and recording together since the age of
"cassette tapes and walkmans” & thus since then they have developed a
distinctive style and sound that is reflective of their bond and
diverse influences.
They are part of a “new generation” of hip hop
and take pride developing music that is inclusive of a wide variety of
genres. Their chameleonic sound is both smooth and exhilarating, with an
undeniable Memphis undertone.

They've performed at over 13 events and 9 different venues including Springfield MO & Brooklyn NY. Their memorable performances were Rhodes College in Memphis TN & High Time's 'Cannabis Cup' artist showcase in San Bernardino, CA.


"Pigeons" Single (2014)
"Let It Go " Single (2016)
"Pages" Single (2016)