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"Press reviews from my ongoing career as an author"

Reviews of my novel, BLACK BODY (Random House):

Edward Stewart (author of PRIVILEGED LIVES, & ARIANA: "BLACK BODY is hypnotic, eerie, erotic. An exploration into the very bedrock of sense and sexual instinct, of human good and evil, it compels the reader's admiration and fascination. H. C. Turk possesses the touch of a poet and the skill of a shaman. He has Barbara Tuchman's ability to bring the historical past leaping to life, and H. G. Wells' to articulate the mysterious realms of possibility that exist enfolded in the familiar. He has taken a theme that in its beauty will recall Hans Andersen's LITTLE MERMAID and in its terror Carl Dreyer's DAY OF WRATH, and he has ingeniously, masterfully rooted it in the smell and buzz of the world we know. The book is not only a virtuoso, utterly satisfying achievement, but a blood-thumping good story."

The Orlando SENTINEL: "A wonderfully intricate and fascinating tale of sorcery...beautiful, probing, and deliciously descriptive."

THE ATLANTA JOURNAL & CONSTITUTION: "A literate book with humor and charm. The reader fall's under the spell of the narrative. Mr. Turk's language and tone make BLACK BODY a highly original tale."

BLACK BODY was selected one of SCIENCE FICTION CHRONICLE's "Books of The Year"
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Thenever (album)
Dance Is Sex With Saints (single)
On The Island (single)



Listen up. Lookie here. Read 'em and weep:

Space pirates steal skinny gals. If you're depressed by The Depression, should you waterboard a banker? Ideas are greater monsters than the demons they explain. I'd bare my soul, but don't want to bore.

All of these Mystiphysical treasures can be found in my work: In a sonic world where art is the ultimate animal, music evolution never ends, rising from the depths of the psyche to sing across a new sky.

I create brainy music to make you think about feeling fantastic. I'm a writer, visual artist, and musician-composer living in Florida. I have two novels published (by Villard and Tor), my photographs and digital images have appeared in many magazines, web-sites, and galleries. Modesty forbids my listing the awards I have won, but my outtasight album, Thenever, is now available commercially.

I've been a writer and visual artist forever, and a music lover even longer. I began writing songs and creating experimental pieces (using reel-to-reel tape) in some other century. Recently I've determined that I need to devote a measure of my personal energy toward music commensurate with my love for the art form. That entails tremendous time and effort, because I don't care to shake your ass. I hope to move your heart and mind and soul. That's entertainment.

P.S.: If you'd like to see my music vids, please grab the links below for the high-res versions (which are better image quality than Sonicbids').