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This band has not uploaded any videos



"HDR music featured on WILDBOYZ"

The music of HDR has now been featured on five episodes of the MTV2 show WILDBOYZ. JEFF TREMAINE (Producer & director of JACKASS & WILDBOYZ) requested to hear more music after viewing the HDR video THAILAND.(to see go to www.4hdr.com)the video was directed by the one and only RICK KOSICK(photographer/video director)whose credits include the DEFTONES(AROUND THE FUR album cover)live shots of METALLICA, JON SPENCER BLUES EXPLOSION and various professional skateboarders. The music of HDR provides a raging intensity to the already dangerous moments on WILDBOYZ. - BIG BROTHER

"mtv wild boyz 05 wrap party"

hdr will be playing with cake cutter and turbonegro for the wildboyz wrap party. - mtv

"Craveonline Review"

From various parts of the country (L.A., SF and New England) come three talented musicians who have formed a powerful Rock group and that group is HDR. The power Rock trio has been getting rave reviews from people like Johnny Knoxville, Jim Adkins and Zach Lind of Jimmy Eat World for their straight up Rock music. HDR has just released an EP entitled, Make a Wish. The Enhanced CD also comes with the video for their song Thailand.
The first time I listened to Make a Wish, the first thing that came to mind was, “holy s***”, this group rocks!” I saw them perform at a wrap party for the MTV show Wildboyz with Swedish rockers Turbonegro and Echo Park’s favorite band, Cakecutter. The band has some music that will be heard on an upcoming episode of Wildboyz (look for Steve-O flying a Soviet MiG). Aside from being one of the best shows I had seen all year, I thought HDR had a great sound. So I stole their CD from out of my friend’s Maritza’s hands and took it home and I have been listening to it ever since.

HDR is made up of Joe Mora on lead vocals and guitar, Amy Tung on bass and Johnny Lord on sticks. Mora is the Southern California native who is also a great bass player. Drummer Johnny Lord came from Enfield, Connecticut all the way out to Hollywood, California. Bassist and singer, Amy Tung comes to Los Angeles by way of Taipei, Memphis and finally San Francisco. In addition to the Bass, Amy is a classically trained Pianist and Flutist (or Flautist).

Joe and Amy met at a Rock club in Los Angeles called formerly called The Garage (now, Little Temple). Amy says, “Johnny got thrown in to the mix because he was one of the few people that wasn’t scared to start a band with the two if us.” Individually the members are influenced by early Van Halen (Johnny), ZZ Top (Joe) and Bach (Amy). By doing some vile and unmentionable “personal favors” for Rick Kosick, (photographer and cameraman on MTV’s Jackass) the band found their music featured on Wildboyz.

The EP Make a Wish combines hard Rock with good vocals, clean drums and smoking bass. The lead song on Make a Wish, Thailand gets the blood rushing as soon as it you hear it. My personal favorite is Muse, the tale of a plaid wearing hard drinking woman who was “so worth it”.

HDR plans to go on tour soon, possibly in England or Australia. The main focus of their touring will be in California due to its reinvigorated music scene.

I asked the band what is the best way to get their album and they said to go to their website 4hdr.com or just go to one of their shows. Words are not really going to do their music justice, so watch their videos (see links below), go see them on tour and then go get their album, Make a Wish.



Ahmad T. Childress - HDR

"HDR Nominated for Best Metal Band"

YEs it's true! HDR has been nominated for Best Metal Band in first annual Southern California Music Awards. The award show is on Feb. 11th. - HDR

"HDR Wins Best Metal Band"

HDR won Best Metal Band in the first annual Southern California Music Awards. We are so pleased.

Thanks!!! - HDR

"2 songs on mtv movie awards"

be sure to watch the mtv movie awards 05.and listen for hdr.we have 2 songs being used.movin and muse. - hdr

"more songs on mtv"

we have more good news 2 more songs on this seasons wild boys as well as 2 songs on the cameron diaz show trippin.as well as a song on a soon to be released video game. - hdr

"stonerrockchick.com review"


By:Deanna St.Croix
HDR - Independent

Holy motherfucking hell!! This band absolutely kicks ass. I am dead serious fellow rock babies, this band is the shit. Straight up. First off get the press kit out of the way - really good press kit, all the information needed but to be honest the press kit is not the main point here, as soon as I slipped this Ep on I fell in love with this band. Four songs that smoke! I mean smoke in so many badass ways. Stoner, punk, desert, riff rock....

The band is from the small town of LA (hahaha) and it consists of just three members - Amy Tung on bass (who is a classical pianist as well as super hot), Joe Mora - Guitar and vocals and Johnny Lord on drums. These three combined make louder and heavier music than bands with more 5 members or more. The songs are so freaking catchy it's almost impossible to rock on with your best friend. In fact, if you weren't rocking out then man, you need some adrenaline shots or something. This band just pushes all the right notes in all the right ways. Starting off with the just under 3 minute song "Thailand" you're thrown into a world of booze, fast cars, killer guitars and rocking good times. "Thailand" is the perfect song to start off the addiction, being arguably the most accessible. Punk n' stoner rock and roll with a whole lot of groove. This is the kind of stuff you wish they'd play on the radio when you're on your way out for a fun night or a long road trip. God damn the radio! The good news is that these songs have been getting some attention, most notably in Cameron Diaz's Trippin and the show WildBoyz on MTV2. The disc comes along with a video, produced by none other than Jackass's Rick Kosick. Now these are friends you want in your corner and who am I to argue with their taste? "Movin" is yet another straight up rock tune, somewhat along the lines of old school Fu Manchu, which makes me nostalgic for old school Fu...sigh. Perfectly in the stoner rock camp but catchy enough to go about anywhere. The same applies to "Muse" which is again another super cool song with fun lyrics, a great bass line and a wicked groove. What can I say, I really dig this band. "Sabbath" is last up. Some hard ass riffage starts this song off, then it goes into some 70's old school riffs, which sort of reminds me of Foghat. I really love that change from new to old school, the transition is so smooth. The heavy ass bass and drums makes for a good wall of sound. The rest of the song consists of even heavier riffage, total rock chaos, melodic bitch slapping and the dazed and confused super sounds of the 70's. Did I mention the bottom heavy percussion? This last tune is either a combination of different tunes or I am losing my mind. Regardless, wicked album.

This band is super tight and these three can play with extra passion and yes, groove like no other. This is the album to listen to for good thrills and a good party. Definitely cannot wait for a full length from this band. 9/10 on the rock metre scale. Word! I'm excited because if this can be the face of radio rock music, we'd be doing as good as we were in the early 90's, when radio was ours.

http://www.4hdr.com - HDR

"HDR's songs featured on Fuel TV"

Our songs Lonely and Muse will be featured on Fuel TV's show Skate Girl. Stay tuned for more info! - HDR


(release date june 1st)make a wish? 4-song EP with quicktime video (check out both videos on our sonicbids EPK)


Feeling a bit camera shy


sit down and listen to the story of three friends who have come from three totally different backgrounds, geographical locations and styles of music to create the power trio, hdr...

joe mora, hdr’s main singer and only guitar player, is a So Cal native who has been abusing himself for years with non stop gigs, parties and musical learning experiences.

amy tung, San Francisco classical pianist with a punk engine, can do it all, shredding a fuzzy bass, jam acoustic guitar or light up a keyboard to make people trip and don’t forget her chrissie hynde-like lead vocals she works into hdr’s chameleon like sound.

Johnny Lord, drummer from new england’s enfield connecticut, who needed to move out of the small pond thirteen years ago to come to hollywood to further sharpen his hard hitting style and his already evil street smarts.

the thing that separates hdr from all the zillion killer l.a. bands is that they’re three people who love to play slammin’, heavy, beer pounding, whiskey shootin’, high energy music and with all their unbelievable industry friends having decided to pull up their pants and join alliances, hdr gives l.a. another gold medal to add to its music collection.

so if you’re a life lovin’, good time havin’, party railin’ soul, come see us rip out a slammin’ set and party 'til there ain’t none left.